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Approved Log NoLeftNut's First Cycle Log


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perfect update I want more pics and more diet and training updates with cardio


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Alright boys.. so I’ve added tren.
Current cycle looks like this..
200mg/wk Tren E
250mg/wk Bold
375mg/wk test cyp

12 week cycle
Week 1-12 bold
Week 3-12 tren
Week 1-12 test
Week 1-12 tamoxifen

I’m currently in week 4 and you guys have seen my progress pics so far. Anyone have any critiques to offer? Should I add a fat burner? I feel like I’m gaining strength and size but my abs aren’t budging. (I’m not going to lie to you guys, I have been slacking big time on cardio. My lungs are damaged pretty heavy from the chemo so breathing is a damn task in itself)

I know I’ve been slacking on my water intake. I should be 80ml+ a day and I’m probably averaging about 30-40ml a day which I need to fix. I’ve been pretty on point with diet as far as just trying to eat clean, I’m just always hungry. ALWAYS.

I’ve been taking aminos and a nitric oxide booster but other than that nothing else.

Lemme know what you guys think and I wanna take a second and appreciate the hell out of you all for the advice and motivation!

The picture posted is last year when I did my last cycle which was bold, HGH, and test. The fat in my stomach area literally fell off in 3 weeks and slimmed from there for the rest of the cycle. I can’t find any of the pics I had from that cycle other than that one. Notice the significant difference in my abs.


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Thursday’s pump pics. Went back to the gym Thursday night with my fiancée for a second time and crushed my abs. I didn’t get pics after but I’ll be back in tomorrow morning and I’ll get new ones. Thanks for the hype guys!
looks good man, get some hours in the gym