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  1. Z

    Napsgear EQ and test cyp review

    Just got done with my napsgear Equipoise and testosterone cycle it was a very simple one that I did where I went with 600 mg of equipoise and I got 500 mg a week of testosterone. week 6 I dropped my testosterone dose down to 250 mg that was a really good decision because it cut down on the water...
  2. R

    First time with more than just test

    I’ve done pro hormones in the past and don’t have much to say on those Did a couple cycles of testosterone around 400mgs a week. Got decent results I'm ready to take things to the next level Would like to do test for 10 weeks Trenbolone for 8 weeks And then stack in prami and an AI doing a clean...
  3. S

    Simple domestic supply test cycle

    Decided to do a domestic supply testosterone cycle I did 250 mg twice a week for 10 weeks just a simple cycle because I run higher Doses and other gear before and I couldn't handle the side effects plus my wife was getting irritated with my attitude and aggression this was a perfect dose my wife...
  4. V

    Finishing up my test prop cycle

    I'm about to finish up my testosterone prop cycle and i had a question on pct Should i stick to clomid or should i also stack in nolvadex and hcg? also when it comes to planting my next cycle if I want to do something without testosterone what would you suggest I do? it would be my second cycle...
  5. W

    Test and masteron to test and primo

    So i just finished an 8 week cycle of test prop and mast prop. Didn’t get the gains i had hoped for My stats are 5’10’’ and 18% body fat Was hoping i would get fat loss but nothing really changed I’m 28 years old and would like to get down to 15% or less Should i switch to primobolan and test...
  6. themuscle98

    How long for Nolvadex to kick in?

    What’s up fellas! Kind of an urgent situation I am 4 weeks out of my show today, and I’ve recently developed gyno the past couple of weeks. I told my coach and when he saw how noticeable it was( because even I didn’t realize until I was in a posing studio) he cut me test down and upped the...
  7. Y

    Gonna hit test, eq, and tren hard

    I’m looking to hit 3 steroids on my next cycle. It will be my 4th one i am doing in the past 5 years and the biggest. Please Help me out on the dosages below I've got testosterone Enanthate at 500mgs a week Then i got equipoise at 800mgs And trenbolone enanthate at 500mgs a week should I adjust...
  8. B

    Tren and test vs. eq and test?

    Wondering what the difference would be of doing an 8 week cycle of trenbolone and testosterone vs. doing a 14 week cycle of equipoise and testosterone ? A buddy of mine Said that I would get even better results in just 8 weeks doing the first option but I countered that I think that you would...
  9. H

    Tren - Test advice

    1st cycle with tren.. Thinking 8 week cycle My plan was, Week 1-8: 300mg test-e 200mg tren-e .25mg Caber (every 3 days) Week 9-10: Clomid Novadex HCG Week 9-12: Clomid Novadex Does this seem right? And what are the pct dosages?
  10. C

    2nd cycle help on a clean cut

    Hello I'm 24 and currently started my 2nd course of steroids, just now I'm taking 0.7 of NPP and 0.7 of Test enathate every 2nd day for a 14 week cycle but I'm curious if I would be able to change over to Test primo,tren,anavar I'm just curious on when I would be best to start that to finish my...
  11. J

    Test, anavar, and equipoise

    Looking to do 3 steroids this time 2 injectables and 1 oral Goals: more lean muscle mass, lowering body fat, and getting stronger and more motivated My plan is this: Testosterone propionate 50mgs/day Anavar 50mgs/day Equipoise 500mgs a week I think those are pretty standard dosages right? I'm 5...
  12. K

    Domestic supply test and eq cycle great!

    I cannot say enough good things about my experience with domestic supply I am using testosterone 250mgs a week along with equipoise 500mgs a week With this cycle i am so happy because i feel great, very little side effects Domestic supply also has some great arimidex, so that limits any estrogen...
  13. NoleftnutLOL

    Approved Log NoLeftNut's First Cycle Log

    32/yo Male with history of testicular cancer and metastatic disease. Upon receiving chemo for a year (BEP X8) I turned into a twig. At my best, I weighed 199-202 with about 10-12% BF (Military 8 years). I am looking to get back at least some of that. Docs estimated that I lost somewhere around...
  14. NoleftnutLOL

    New to Tren - Can I get some help?

    I am 6'1" 175lbs and i would safely say around 18-20%BF. I previously had testicular cancer which led to me losing 25ish LBS of muscle mass. I have done previous cycles with EQ/HGH/TEST/SUS and some others I can't think of at the moment. I am just looking to dose and use what I have here to get...
  15. S

    Want to look improved with steroids help

    I want your help guys I’m 5’11’’ 188 and 30 years old 2nd cycle this time First didn’t go well, i didn’t know what i was doing My plan this time is 500mgs a week testosterone along with 300mgs a week equipoise I also am open to running something else. Just want to get better at weights
  16. Y

    do I need 500mgs of test?

    I had a question about my first steroid cycle and still confused getting lots of opinions what do you think about using testosterone 500mgs a week vs. Using say 200 or 250? would I get shutdown less if I go with the lower dosage and have less sides?
  17. P

    I’m doing a Blast and cruise so live with it

    I know some of you will say how i am wrong and i shouldn’t do. For that I say its my body and my choice so deal with it :) This is my plan: 250mgs per week sustanon as my cruise. Then blasting with 1000mgs test and 1200mgs trenbolone for 16 weeks. Then i will go back to my cruise dose Oh...
  18. V

    Domestic supply gained 10 pounds!

    I used domestic supply products Tried their Ultima test cyp 500mgs a week I also did some anavar to kickstart things over the course of the cycle I put on about 10 lbs in 10 weeks. My body composition definitely got bigger and you can tell in my shoulders and my neck I've gained a lot of...
  19. K

    Testosterone booster with steroids?

    Is there such a thing as a test booster that includes steroids in the formula? Is such a thing available over the counter? I want something that will make me angry and stronger so i lift with pride
  20. A

    stopping test boosters ?

    What is the best way to stop using test boosters where I won’t get any sort of crash or mood swings? A buddy of mine took 1 for like 2 years straight and stopped cold turkey and said he went into depression and had libido issues. Is there a way to prevent it?
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