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    female tren and test stacking

    I’ve met some chicks at my gym and seen some older posts on here on females using tren and test. Was wondering what would be the best modern 2024 dose for females to use. I don’t want to get into that conversation with others in the gym and I want to keep that private I don’t want people knowing...
  2. V

    test, primo and tbol?

    Would a small dose of test, high dose primo and moderate tbol be too mild a cycle or would it work good for me? I’m looking at doing 250mgs test, 500mgs primo and 30mgs a day tbol. Going to do 12 weeks but run the tbol 5 weeks only. I’m 48 years old, 5’9’’ 180 pounds and want to make some lean...
  3. J

    testosterone (HRT), deca and blasting

    I’m on a HRT dose of test and deca. Doing 100mgs of each per week. The reason I decided on that is to help with my joint issues. Anyway I want to start blasting some more of what I’m using. Do you think I should shoot for 300 or more mgs per week or should I go higher? Please give me some tips...
  4. M

    Injectable winstrol can I drink it?

    Gonna try winstrol. Just listened to the podcast on it And sounds like something that I can try. What do you think about using injectable version and stacking in some test and eq with it? Is it a big deal? And can I drink the winstrol for real? My plan is 50mgs winstrol 250mgs EQ 300mgs test 12...
  5. J

    happy with past cycle, but want more this time

    last cycle I did test 400mgs a week for 10 weeks gained around 7 or 8 pounds. My personal trainer begged me to do more steroids and said that the pros were doing many grams of steroids a week. Can you give me some advice on what I can try next go around to get more gains. I’m currently up to 170...
  6. G

    how much anti estrogen on a test/dbol/deca stack

    so I did a test/dbol and deca cycle 6 months ago. I put on 20 pounds but it was a lot of fluff and water. Did not run an AI Because some people said you didn’t need to and I was not experienced. Luckily didn’t end up with any serious problems and the water retention went away when I came off...
  7. R

    test boosting supplements that work!

    What are the best testosterone boosting supplements that actually work? I’ve tried several already and none of them have done a thing for me but I was listening to a recent podcast and they were saying that most testosterone boosters don’t do much for you and there are a waste of money. But they...
  8. N

    bloodwork not good on test and tren

    currently doing 250 milligrams of tests and 500 milligrams of tren I got blood work done and a lot of things are off especially with liver and kidney numbers. Also estrogen is extremely high do you recommend that I change anything on the cycle in terms of dosing or should I just keep it going...
  9. J

    rotating both test and primo + an oral

    currently 5’10’’ 188 pounds and 18% body fat I’m interested in using 12 weeks of testosterone and primobolan. Got a plan all laid out and hear me out: 250mgs a week primo, 200mgs a week test cyp. Five weeks at that dosage then the last seven weeks I will double everything up. Question is adding...
  10. H

    Tren and test low doses

    5’11’’ 27 years old 2nd cycle trying to get more size and strength but keep sides moderate. I train hard, 5-6x per week and want to start seeing more results soon. looking to use low doses of tren and testosterone. 250mgs of tren + 200mgs of test is what I was looking at so far. Do you recommend...
  11. A

    hgh + test + tren

    I’ve been in the iron game for 5 years. Have used steroids for the past 3 years. Currently 34yrs old, 175 pounds and 5’11’’ I’m looking to make a choice that is critical in my next step towards building a nice body. The 3 compounds I want to use are hgh, testosterone and trenbolone How would you...
  12. G

    domestic supply test and tbol stack

    so I did a domestic supply testosterone cypionate and a tbol stack ran 25mgs of tbol along with 250mgs of testosterone Was a very mild cycle with very little side effects I really enjoyed it I was able to get some nice pumps in the gym when I carb loaded ahead of time highly recommend using this...
  13. X

    para pharma brand test and tren A++

    just wanted to leave a review on para pharma products I used their testosterone and trenbolone first off the shipping and arrival was earlier then expected. I got it over the thanksgiving holiday the next day which was a pleasant surprise also the cycle has been about 5 weeks so far. I’m up...
  14. J

    equipoise and test prop yay or nay?

    How would you use equipoise and test prop together? My friend hooked me up with some vials of them and he said that they would be excellent for bulking up my thought is running 500 mg of test prop, but my concern is do I need to inject this stuff every day? Also with equipoise with 400 mg be...
  15. Z

    side effects on test only

    I’m gonna do 750mgs a week of test enanthate getting the gear from a source on here so I know it’s going to be fully dose properly I’ve only done oral steroids only for five weeks this one I’m going to do 15 weeks what side effects should I be watching out for? Goals are lean gains and strength...
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    Pubertymax Advice

    18 Years Old Male 193lb 20% bfp 6’0” I’ve been in the gym for a couple of years and made significant gains. I was on accutane for a year which I feel had disproportionately lowered my blood testosterone levels as I displayed every side effect in the book whilst on the drug. Additionally, I...
  17. C

    Blasting and cruising in my mid 30’s

    Just not seeing the kind of results I was hoping for and recoveries have not gone well for me when it comes to cycle and pct just want to cut to the chase and stay on for a year my initial plan is: cruise 250mgs test per week 12 weeks blast 500mgs test per week + Tren 500mgs per week + 1000mgs...
  18. S

    how would you add on tbol here?

    27 years old and 206 pounds Interested in trying out turinabol heard a lot of good things about this oral steroid and how it has low side effects I currently go to the gym and I spent about 25 minutes swimming then I change and do weight training for about 45 more minutes would tbol be a good...
  19. G

    best way to use EQ, tren and testosterone

    35 years old 217 pounds six foot two inches fourteen percent body fat I’ve used steroids throughout my 20s then took a few years off now I’m back in the grind again and I would like to push myself harder I’m looking for the best way to use equipoise, tren and testosterone my cycle I have so far...
  20. Z

    Napsgear EQ and test cyp review

    Just got done with my napsgear Equipoise and testosterone cycle it was a very simple one that I did where I went with 600 mg of equipoise and I got 500 mg a week of testosterone. week 6 I dropped my testosterone dose down to 250 mg that was a really good decision because it cut down on the water...
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