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  1. NomadSpeed

    Approved Log My EQ Cardarine cycle Log (Insight)

    Would appreciate some thoughts and insights on a potential stack to be run. A little insight I'm a track sprinter concentration in the 200m, so it's that combination of speed endurance being looked to enhance. Currently 179lbs , 5'10, body fat under 10. I have a tendency to put on dense muscle...
  2. NoleftnutLOL

    Approved Log NoLeftNut's First Cycle Log

    32/yo Male with history of testicular cancer and metastatic disease. Upon receiving chemo for a year (BEP X8) I turned into a twig. At my best, I weighed 199-202 with about 10-12% BF (Military 8 years). I am looking to get back at least some of that. Docs estimated that I lost somewhere around...
  3. B

    Using steroids for 2 weeks

    Hey I have a question, I ran steroids for 2 weeks only. I did 3 shots of Boldenone and trenbolone (these were recommended by trainer). I decided to quit after 2 week cause I didn’t like the way I was feeling, self guilt I guess. I did feel gains in those 2 weeks. My question is was that just...
  4. B

    Test prop, anavar, eq - lean bulk

    So basically I have everything I want to build my 3rd cycle with and have a plan , but am wondering what more knowledgeable , experienced individuals would do. What I have- 8000 mg test prop 100mg/ml 8000 mg eq undecylenate 200mg/ml 5360 mg ugl anavar 10mg each 15000 iu hcg 75 50mg clomid 100...
  5. V

    Help beating a drug test in professional sport

    Hey everyone, As the title says I need some serious help and advice to beat a drug test in a professional sport. Long story short I wasn’t planning on competing this year so started a cycle with Trenbolone Acetate (100 mg. EOD) and Boldenone Undecylenate / Equipoise (200 mg. 2x a week). I ran...
  6. Y

    Test Prop, Dbol, Test E, EQ Cycle

    Hey folks, I Just wanted to share how my cycle will go. Here is what I am planning to run by the end of November. Any suggestion or advice would be greatly appreciated! 1-6 Dbol - 35mg ED (First time running Dbol) 1-4 Test Prop - 350mg/wk (in order to kick-start the cycle) 1-5 Sustanon 375-...
  7. S

    Boldenone acetate questions

    I recently acquired some bold ace powder and I brewed a few bottles just to see what all the fuss what about (pip). I had a 200mg/ml vial and a 100mg/ml vial. Hit a ml of the 200 in my quad and lord help me I had never experienced pain like that in my life! Hit the 100 a week later in my glute...
  8. A

    1st Cycle [T.Enanthate+Boldenone]- Review Before Starting.

    Hello, i want to start my first cycle after reading a lot. 25 Yeards old, 78kg, 14% bf, in gym 3 years. Week 1-10 testosterone Enanthate - 500 mg/week Boldenone - 300 mg/week Week 2-12 HCG 500 Ui/week weeks 10-12 as bridge to PCT. PCT Week 13-17 Nolvadex - 40/20/10/10 ED. Some suggestions...
  9. TornadoTR

    The Very First Bulk Cycle:Sustanon+Primo-Suggestions

    Hey everyone i have been training naturally about 4 years, now i feel like i cant put on more mass naturally whatever i try, so decided to run a boosting bulk cycle: - 26 years old, 83 kg, bf: around %12, arms:44 cm, shoulders:131cm chest: 116cm here are drug combinations/options i have been...
  10. superturkey

    Boldenone undecanoate or Boldenone Undeclynate?

    Whats the difference, are they both still equipoise???
  11. S

    Help with boldenone and Deca!?!

    I am currently in Peru and can currently only find Boldenone and Deca, I am looking for Test, but it's a little difficult. Any ideas in animal steroid names or where to locate these? Pharmacies are pretty lax, and I get Deca straight from them. Anyways, my real question is what is decent stack...
  12. T

    Test with EQ and Winny

    Hi there! I'm planning to start my next cycle. So, this will be my 11-12th cycle, approx. I'm training about 8 years ago. My height is 5'10 and my weight is about 210lbs. Body fat is about 11-12%. The plan is: Testosterone Enanthate, week:1-20, 500mg/week Equipoise, week:1-15, 1000mg/week...
  13. S

    Boldenone Undeclynate/Sustaplex 325/Oral Turenabol

    Hi guys new to this forum. Some input and advise would be helpful. Looking to start my seond cycle. Weeks 1- 12 400mg of Boldenone each week Weeks 1 - 12 Sustalplex 325 (axix labs) every 5 days Oral Turenabol weeks 1- 4 @40mg e/d and weeks 8 - 12 \@40 mg e/d. Pct Nolva 40mg e/d...
  14. B

    Newbie to site needs help pls!

    Hi, I'm new to all this and want to do a cycle, I'm 6', 80kgs (176 pounds) and would call my body athletic. I train 4-5 times a week with a trainer, doing weights and light cardio. It would be my first one and I'm hoping to make gains that after finishing won't totally disappear! A mate...
  15. T

    Boldenone (equipoise) and Turinabol?

    Hello! Im in need of some guidance concerning my next cycle. I started one on dbol and Testo E, but got problems with my prostate after only a few days... the reason would perferably be the AAS. Should maybe add that I havent got an enlarged prostate, the condition is called prostatitis and...
  16. S

    4th cycle

    hey guys im about to plan my next cycle...tell me what u think... 1-10 weeks: 500mg sustanon 1-12 weeks: 400mg boldenone 1-10 weeks: 300mg trenbolone ace 6-12 weeks: 50mg ed wini (inj) 8-15 weeks: 25mg proviron nolvadex in hand thinkin to add clenbuterol and ephedrine to my cycle.. going for...
  17. M

    Incabol EQ 300?

    anyone heard of this - Incabol eq 300/boldabol undeclydenate? it's supposed to be eq? just got it and haven't seen or heard of it - did a google search with not much luck. thanks in advance!
  18. D

    roids for CEOs

    I'm the owner + managing director of a software company (35 employees). I'm 37 years old and I haven't been on steroids for 20 years (used decca twice when I was 17-18). I had worked like hell in the office for 10 years, got fat like a pig, wasted my back, etc. I spent the last year to get back...
  19. D

    roids for CEOs

    I'm the owner + managing director of a software company (35 employees). I'm 37 years old and I haven't been on steroids for 20 years (used decca twice when I was 17-18). I had worked like hell in the office for 10 years, got fat like a pig, wasted my back, etc. I spent the last year to get back...
  20. B

    Fort Dodge Equipoise

    Hi guys, Has anyone ever seen a 100ml bottle of Equipoise made by Fort Dodge?? Also the bottle is brown glass. Is this legit?? as I can only seem to find pictures of 50ml bottles and they are clear glass.
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