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Approved Log My off season contest cycle log

@nahbrah good start but this log doesnt have much of detail

we need to see your full diet actual food you eat meals and when you eat them
we need to see your training exercises sets and reps
If you don't log what you eat or train now, open NOTES on phone and start recording it there and paste here. Very easy.

also post a face blurred pic
WIll get a full write and posted
Going into my off season bulk for comp next spring/summer. Wanted to give primo a first time and was recommended to add a low 300mg dose to this run of 16-20 weeks.

Test e 500mg
Eq 500mg
Primo 300mg
Mast e 300mg
Gh 4ius daily

Age 37
Height 5'6
Weight 175.0 am weight

Strict clean diet(6 meals a day), non drinker, currently 3900cal, train 5 days a week. Cardio 20min x 5 weekly, Training for about 8 years, 3.5 years of consistency with training and diet to compete. On Self trt at 200mg weekly and 4ius daily of gh(started 3 weeks ago). All former protocols were given by a former coach I was working with at the time

Last fall bulk

Test e 750 / eq 750 /Mast e 400
Arimidex .2 2xweekly
Duration 15 weeks
(highest dose I've gone)
Too much gear for a bulk. Drop the masteron and choose between primo and EQ.
500 test
5-600 EQ or Primo
4iu gh is more than enough to grow if you are eating correctly.
Post a pic of your current condition.
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