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Just asking a few Questions for a perfect diet plan , please help me


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Question 1:
which type do you prefer and why ? (Atkins/Ketosis) or Carb Cycling when it comes to fat loss
and your opinion about combining intermittent fasting along side with them 16-8 method

Question 2:
how to deal with a skinny fat body , overall weight is low (65.5Kg for a 172Cm 20Years) i think it is cosidered a skinny fat since there is a lot of fat and a little muscle mass 29Kg and Fat 13Kg
which route is better : Bulking or Cutting then lean Bulking or what ?!

Question 3:
is there any way to train for spot reduction ?!
i know it is scientifically impossible i think

Question 4:
Is there a non-surgical Cellulite Removal Method whether by training or dieting or drugs ?!

Question 5:
is it possible to remove the stubborn fat by (HIIT) Cardio .. and is it possible to become in the range of 7~10% Body fat without cutting steroids or Beta receptor modulation like Clenbuterol

Question 6:
which protocol do you prefer when it comes to the following (Cutting-Lean Bulking-Heavy Clean Bulking-Severe Fat Loss)
Considering the Prot:Carb:Fat Ratios ?

Question 7:
should i contact a personal trainer , do they have any secrets in their diets
or there is nothing different than what i do by counting caloriest (BMR , Maintenance etc.) to know my macros , i mean will they add something special in the diet like nutrition science based secrets or smth? or they just cound cals like what i do ?

Question 8:
is there any online books , PDF , or something i could buy that could teach me more about nutrition and dieting plans etc.. if you know , please write the names for me

Question 9:
is it theoritically , scientifically and practically possible to burn fat while building muscle ?
2 different routes , some says yes some says its better to bulk then cut
i'd like to read your opinions , and please if you have any scientific research about it please share it

Question 10:
i wanna read and learn more about nutrition and dieting , muscle building
i'd like to know where should i start , what to start with

am sorry about my grammar & my questions might not be so specific but i will appreciate your answers so please if any of you can help me i'll be thankful , thanks in advance.
wow those are a lot of questions. you might want to check out our evo podcasts where we go over just about every tpic.. we pretty much hit every single one of your Q's.. anything we haven't hit we will talk about on our next non guest show.
1. I hate low carb because I feel like shit on it. I typically run higher carbs on heavy training days like legs and back, medium on days like chest, shoulders, and low carbs on off days. Intermittent fasting works for some. Really anything works if you hit your daily macros.

2. It depends on your body fat. The body grows easier when it is lean. I would cut the excess fat and once you have room try to add lean quality muscle.

3. No. You will lose body fat evenly. You will have the last bit of fat on your sides and lower abs as this is the last spot we lose fat as men.

4. All you can do is work to lower body fat.

5. HIIT cardio or any cardio is effective. You want to exercise and be in a caloric deficit. It is absolutely possible to get to 7-10% body fat without PED's.

6. Personally I prefer to add lean quality mass and not sloppy weight. For me a typical 40/40/20 diet is what I feel best on.

7. Trainers are not magic and do not have secrets. They are great because you don't have to just follow the plan. It also forces you to be accountable for what you are doing.

8. has tons of articles and information on training, diet, supplements, etc.

9. Yes, it is possible but not easy to do naturally. I would get to a good body fat where you have room to grow and then focus on adding clean quality mass.

10. Just start reading all over this forum and at
I am a big fan of carb cycling. Carb cycling makes a lot of sense. Both scientifically and in a real world sense. No one will question the fact that carbs are anabolic. The problem with carbs is that too much of them will simply get you fat.

By carb cycling, you get the best of everything. The low carb days are fat loss focused and re-sythnesis muscle insulin sensitivity and the high carb days are very anabolic and replenish depleted glycogen levels.

I explain how to set up a carb cycling diet and have a full sample meal plan in this article here ->

If you are looking for more information on nutrition -> Check out this video I made on how to calculate your calorie, protein, fat and carb intake based on your goals ->

A rough estimate to determine how many calories you need is to multiply your body weight (in pounds) by 15. That will give you the amount of calories needed to maintain your current body weight. If your goal is to gain weight, multiply your body weight by 17-18. If your goal is to loose weigh, multiply your body weight by 12-13.
For example, a 200 pound person would need 3000 calories to maintain his weight (200 x 15 = 3000).

Once you have determined your calorie needs. Set your protein intake. A good number to shoot for is:
1-1.5 grams of protein/pound of body weight for natural athletes
1.5-2grams of protein/pound of body weight for enhance athletes

Once you have set your protein intake, fill the rest of your calorie intake with carbohydrates and fat.

Here is an example of a good quality lean mass diet:

#2 keto (i did modified 4off 1 on) gets u ripped once ur body figures out its just not gonna get carbs n must use fat. but my muscle mass suffered.
I prefer carb cycling (high on weights days). just experiment and adjust. it takes time and experience to learn ur sweet spots with each type cycle u are on. imho

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