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  1. M

    what did you eat today?

    I’ve been going to the gym for 3 months and am very new to this game. Pretty simple title and question. what did you eat today and if you’re just now waking up and haven’t eaten anything yet what did you eat yesterday? Interested in hearing what some of you girls are doing in terms of nutrition...
  2. D

    Which bcaa to pick?

    I’ve got to pick a bcaa, my personal trainer is making me get 1 or he won’t train me He says to take it during my workout and that it will feed my muscles as i train and give them the nutrition they need to grow and get stronger My choices are: Thorne, amino complex Kion aminos Body health...
  3. M

    Creatine brands you like

    I was curious what you thought about a creatine tub called micronized creatine powder by optimum nutrition. They charge about $40-50 for a tub of it. the guy at the store said that it was one of the more popular creatines that they sell anyone heard of this?
  4. R

    how to train top guys?

    I am studying nutrition right now and I am majoring also in biochemistry. I want to eventually get my PHD and get a team together via networking to train some of the top guys in the industry. Do any of you have any tips of how I can get this business going after college?
  5. P

    White vs. brown rice

    What are the differences between white rice and brown rice I mean they both have the same calorie so I don't understand why everyone says that brown rice is healthier. Seems like if you want to cook rice and so much faster just to make the white rice and wouldn't be the same nutrition
  6. M

    how often to eat mcdonalds?

    How often do you guys eat mcdonalds or other crappy fast food like this and be honest. And those of you who never do it when was the last time you did? Cause I eat it once a day and I consider it fitting my macros so it is okay according to my nutrition coach I hired. Do you agree or not?
  7. P

    Are energy drinks supplements good or bad

    I was out front of my gym in I ran into somebody's I haven't seen since College and we had some discussions about nutrition since one of them is in really good shape. He was telling me how he cut out all energy drinks and how after he did that his results got much better. I drink two to three...
  8. K

    How to make oatmeal taste better

    I wanted to see what you recommended to add to raw oats to make them taste better without ruining the nutrition. Obviously any idiot can add sugar to it and make it taste good but doesn't that defeat the whole purpose. what kind of things do you like to add to oatmeal to give it some taste cuz I...
  9. U

    simple ways to improve nutrition

    what are simple ways I can improve how I eat and the nutrition I am getting with my foods? I’m 24 years old and have never really cared what I ate, just always in a rush with school and college and now having a job. Usually ate a lot of fast food and restaurant food, now I want to eat better...
  10. B

    pre workout nutrition

    I was wanting to learn more about pre workout nutrition and/or training fasted. Some guys say it is a zero sum game and you should never do it. I seem to have better workouts when I train fasted, yet others say they have no energy and the body needs something to tap into so you must have a pre...
  11. B

    Just asking a few Questions for a perfect diet plan , please help me

    Question 1: which type do you prefer and why ? (Atkins/Ketosis) or Carb Cycling when it comes to fat loss and your opinion about combining intermittent fasting along side with them 16-8 method Question 2: how to deal with a skinny fat body , overall weight is low (65.5Kg for a 172Cm 20Years)...
  12. A

    Nutrition for maximizing muscle gains

    New article by the folks at Myolean Fitness on nutrition for building muscle: Cliffs: 1. Eat in a surplus of 200-300 calories per day 2. Set protein intake at around 1 gram per lb of LBM and split daily intake into 3-5 protein feedings...
  13. SwollenMember_18

    Test/tren recomp diet advice

    What's good my fellow beasts! I have a question concerning how to set up a diet for a body recomp. I am running a test E/Tren E cycle at a 1:1 ratio which seems to be where I get my best results, tried low test high tren before and did not enjoy it as much as how I am dosing now. I am at a...
  14. L

    Does eating red meat cause cancer?

    So recently the press have been dropping headlines about processed meat and red meat being classified as carcinogens and comparing them to smoking. The original meta analysis has been done by the World Health Organization and their affiliate. I was amazed at how much of this study seems to be...
  15. L

    Kettlbell workouts and nutrition for superior results

    What if I told you that at least 90% of what you have read, watched or heard about fitness today is much more about marketing hype, making sales of gym memberships or pushing near worthless supplements than providing information that can truly help you get fit, healthy and strong? What if I...
  16. L

    Supplementation For Sports Performance

    Supplementation For Sports Performance is an new article I just finished not only evaluating dietary supplements but also reviewing every major supplement for sports performance and muscle building. Hope this is helpful, you guys enjoy...
  17. J

    Need weight loss advice badly, please help

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for some advice and pointers. I am starting my weight loss journey to loose 100 lbs. I am 5'6 and currently 258lbs at my heaviest i was 283lbs. I want to loose weight as quickly and safely as possible. I have a full and a part time job so making the most out of my...
  18. F

    No sides, Up dose?

    Original plan- Test ace 1-10 500mg/wk eod injections Tren ace 1-8 250mg/wk adex .5mg eod First time using tren. I have previous history with AAS. Few test cycles with eq, dbol, var, etc.. My question is if I should up the dose on the tren ace because I have not experianced any sides, besides...
  19. R

    First cycle advice please :)

    Hi, about to start my first cycle soon (technically second but first was cut short after 6 weeks due to shoulder injury) and was just wanting some advice...negative and positive all welcome. Age:27 Height: 6ft Weight: 182 lbs 9%BF Lifting for 2 years (although still learning and reading up...
  20. P

    Ingredients for Ultimate Fruit/Veggie Smoothie

    Hey guys, I just got a Vitamix! wahoo! I want to try and create a breakfast smoothie to supplement and sometimes replace my breakfast. I am not a big fan of fruits or vegetables, so... What would be a good combination of fruits and vegetables that would give me a decent daily dosage (nice...
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