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Approved Log 2024 Para Pharma Testosterone Primobolan Equipoise Tbol Contest Prep Log

it sounds like you found something that works good for you I'm glad
zero pip from primo sounds amazing I'm gonna have to grab me some of that
back in the day Primo used to hurt so much you are very blessed to have access to high quality
awesome update man and I love your workout as well
very solid workout and I like how you got in some stair work too
Sunday July 7 2024


So I've been doing a method for a while now with pinning I never really shared it because I figured people already knew about the method or have tried it.

This method takes away virtually all pip for me, unclear if it will work for others. I load the barrel cap it, I then plug in my blow dryer and put it on high heat holding the blow dryer 2-3 inches away from the loaded barrel. I heat up the barrel for 5 minutes total I will shake the loaded barrel 2-3 times really good so I can mix all the oil up really well.

The beautiful thing is with this method the oil thins out from the heat of the blow dryer, now the oil will be warm when you inject into the muscle, I actually like this because I can get away with injecting the oil faster than I typically could clean, easy and effective.

Generally you want to inject slow and take your time with it, this method for thicker oils or higher mg/ml that I use works.

I have Primo at 200mg/ml and I've had almost zero pip or pain in the muscle, I rotate ventro glutes typically.

I just held off on sharing my method because I thought people would think I was weird 😅

I just got out the shower one day and it was a day I inject on and i see the blow dryer on the counter, I went hmmm I'm gonna experiment and try something, in my mind I thought this is like heating up water in a pan and putting the vial in the pan, this method could be faster and simpler.

Turns out it was the best idea I've ever had while on a cycle. I just did an Injection that way and pain free simple and quick. My injections test/primo are a little over 1ml as well for clarification.

I hope in the end whoever sees this log post or reads this and you have trouble with pip or injection, maybe this method if tried can help you out.

Wixx 💪

Sunday leg/Abs/Cavs/Cardio

I've been focusing on lighter weight and going ass 2 grass on front squats, I've been missing out because the quad activation I get off those is insane even at 155lbs. I think moving forward I'm gonna keep doing these with truing to build my legs up.

Smith Machine Squat

Smith Machine Front Squat

Leg Press Machine

Leg Extension Machine

Laying Leg Curl

Hip Abductor

Seated Cave Press ( using leg press)

Seated Cave Press Machine

Ab Twist Machine

Weighed Crunches

Hanging Leg Raises

Cable Ab Twists

Cardio I attempted my first shot at hit cardio after playing the evo podcast that Stevesmi & Mobster co-host, man was that hard and effective.

I did lvl 10 stair stepper for 10 minutes straight dropped down into lvl 7 for 3 minutes back up to lvl 9-10 for 5 minutes and repeat that process for a little over 40 minutes.

Typically it takes me 60-65 minutes for burning 500 or more calories doing one lvl of stairs, this time I burned 500 calories in 42 minutes, so as they pointed out I also do it fasted. Yes it works and works well but it is brutal on stairs.

Stair Stepper
Duration 42 minutes
Lvl 7-10 ( Alternating)
Steps 2656
Calories Burned 505
Floors Climbed 166
@Noah Wixx Thanks for sharing it bro......never heard or tried it.......
To be fair it's rare to need to do that. I get little to no PIP
Well I just like thinning out the oil more comfortable of an Injection, also I will say I didn't do that with the test 400 or eq 300 maybe if I did it would have made a difference, not sure.
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