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Heavy, simple female training programme for bikini/figure physique

First: very sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, I have searched and couldn't see an answer.

I have been lifting for 2.5 years heavy, focussed around the big 3: squats, deadlifts and bench press with accessory exercises (I do legs, back, chest on separate days and don't bother much with cardio). Its really simple and I don't pay attention to rest periods etc. I love simple as I stick to it. And I like heavy!

I want to train for bikini physique, I have 5kg to loose (its all diet I know!) so I am asking if anyone knows of training progs that are simple and intended for this purpose? I am no expert and although I am quite strong I am not getting the results I want.

Also do people think full body training is better? ie training legs 2 x week instead of having leg day, back day etc.

Thank you so much. I really would appreciate your expertise
Check out kayla_itsines online - she has a bikini body e-book. There's many testimonial pics as well - I just started it an it's no joke! I am not a body builder by any means, but it's definitely a workout!
It requires a lot of effort, time and determination to have a perfect bikini body. The book you mentioned is really remarkable, thanks for sharing.
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