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Approved Log My bulking and cutting log - Female

My Monday/Tuesday workout this week I will add my other workouts and meals as the week goes on

Leg day #1

Single leg hip thrust85 lbs 8x3
Smith machine squat135 lbs 8x3
smith machine curtsey lunge75 lbs 10x3
hip abductors (machine)130 lbs 10x3
cable donkey kicks15 lbs 12x3
Glute bride 20x
20 abductors at top
20 sec hold (3 times)

Bench press55lbs 12x1. 65lbs 10x 2
Lateral raise12.5 lbs 10x3
shoulder press dumbbell17.5 lbs 8x3
Inline fly12.5 3x10
Tricep pull down19 lbs 12x3
nice job here
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