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    which would you rather have? Vin Diesel or Kevin Hart physique?

    Just want to have a fun little Thread about whose physique would you rather have one leg Kevin Hart which is pretty average compared to most people but still in really good shape and pretty ripped or would you have the more Vin Diesel look of being bald and tough looking like a biker with huge...
  2. D

    Can a single steroid cycle change physique forever?

    I'm curious about a question that I've wondered about for quite a while and that is can a single steroid cycle change your physique forever? I'm no expert but I have friends who have used them and they've done them for 3 months and their physique change permanently and they stayed big for years...
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    Changing my physique on supps?

    is it possible to change your physique using supplements or is that just a pipe dream? add a friend of mine come to me after a couple months and he looked completely different transform his body and he said that he was using supplements. he wouldn't say which ones though he would just smile.
  4. D

    Changing physique with supplements?

    Do you think it's possible for someone to change their physique with supplement? I haven't seen a buddy of mine in a few weeks and he looks completely different I asked him what he was taking any said He change the supplements he was taking do you think it's possible for someone to change...
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    Cutting down for my abs sarms

    I'm 23 years old and I would love to have abs for the first time in my life I have a lean physique by don't have ABS popping like I see some of you guys on here have that would be a dream of mine I'm about 12% body fat and you can see one or two abs how do I get a six or eight pack that...
  6. M

    Should females use steroids?

    This is more of a moral or ethical question then a fitness question. I wanted to know your opinions on a female's should use steroids or not? I know a lot of females that have messed with steroids that I work out with and some of them have really changed their mood and physique using them. I...
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    Classic physique

    Hey guys, I competed once in physique years ago didn’t do so well then was just bodybuilding for fun and I got into powerlifting but got the itch to compete again in classic physique this time around thought I’m only just over 5’6 so my weight cut off is 175lbs I’m currently roughly 195lbs here...
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    Heavy, simple female training programme for bikini/figure physique

    First: very sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, I have searched and couldn't see an answer. I have been lifting for 2.5 years heavy, focussed around the big 3: squats, deadlifts and bench press with accessory exercises (I do legs, back, chest on separate days and don't bother much with...
  9. B

    PCT, Cutting, and Men's Physique

    Hey folks, I'm currently 14 weeks out from my first men's physique show and on week two of my first epi cycle. I'm 6'2", 208lbs, and 7% bodyfat. What do you recommend I do regarding combining effective PCT with cutting for a show? I've heard SARMs like Ostarine are effective at helping...
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    Anavar + T-bol Stack!

    Hi, I've been working out for over 3 years now. I'm 5"9 and weigh 171 also I'm 20 years old. My goal is to shred some fat and then bulk up after. I'm taking either 30mg/var ED + 30mg/Tbol ED for 5 weeks or 20mg ea ED for 8 weeks. My meals look like this Meal #1 3 egg white 2 whole eggs 1 banana...
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    Tattoos! How do you feel about inking your physique?

    We've all seen some bodybuilders (and average folks too) with some really bad tattoos. I'm talking about high quality ink. How many of you have tattoos and where? How do you feel they affect other's perception of your physique? Also who can you think of (shredded people only) who has...
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