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Does Prep H still have active ingredient to help pull water?

respect for your age and coming strong, i do dry fasting to tighten up
I’m not sure where to put this so I’m sorry if it’s on wrong thread I apologize. I havnt been on in quite a few years and have forgot quite or am not up on current things. I’ve been cutting for a photo shoot to document my becoming 60. I’m very lean but am dealing with loose skin because of my age. I’m about 5 days out. I had used Prep H in the past which helped tighten up my and pull the last bit of water. My question is if Prep H still works? Does it still have the active ingredient that helps tighten up and pull last bits of water. I don’t want to slather up and wrap myself in plastic wrap if it doesn’t work anymore. Any help in answering this would be much appreciated.
I Dont think it has changed
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