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Element SARMS Epitalon Log


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Hey everyone

I volunteered to log Element SARMS epitalon so here we go.

First I am 53 years old, 6' 220, 14% BF been training since 1980... for different sports... college football, skiing, marshal arts. I have been juicing since my mid 40's... lately I have been moving away from Tren and other steroids in favor of SARMS.... I am also on TRT. I train 5 days week.

A life time of abuse to my poor body, so I was interested in the anti-aging effects of epitalon. I have nagging pains and have notice my capacity to recover etc has been slowly diminishing.

I've read up on epitalon and decided to take 1mg per injection in my tummy fat... since I have 30mg this will give a 30 day log.

I don't expect a dramatic change, but I am hoping to see an improvement in mood, some impact on my skin and metabolism.

I must admit I have not been overly impressed with some of the peptides I've used so far...with the exception of melanotan 2 (stuff rocks) I am hoping to be surprised and delighted by this test.

I will probably post every other day...

I am not expecting any anabolic or fat loss impact so I will focus on quality of life issues... however if I notice any changes in performance I will let you know.

Hope this helps everyone out.

I am on my second day of injections....I will admit to improved mood and better sleep...but that may have more to do with my girlfriend using melanotan as well (she is putting out like crazy lol... always good for your mood and sleep eh)

Stay tune... any suggestion let me know.
Woke up in horrible mood after a terrible night of sleep. Did my shot and started feeling better immediately. Not sure if placebo or not.
Wanted to update everyone on my research...My rat has been using Epitalon for 1 week. The effects have been mild but very you will. Here is what I've seen from the rat

Been nicer to his girlfriend
Been in a better mood..more positive attitude (this rate usually acts like he on Tren)
More general energy, but not the energy you get from taking a pre-work out.

My rat has very dry scaly hands ... nasty... But in the last few days I've noticed his hands (rat paws) have been slowly healing.

Anyway I will update everyone in a few days...we'll how the little beast is doing and let you know.
Im starting my research next week on Epi also. Depotgang, you should be noticing its skin becoming tighter and smoother. Looking forward to youthful results! :qt:
At this point my hands are becoming more healthy. Not sure about face etc. my girlfriend is an esthetician so she gives me facials and stuff all the time. But my hands have been a big issue so this is cool. Mood is much better too. Better mood, happier girlfriend, more sex, better mood...what a great cycle.
Just talking to my rat. He has been under immense stress with his rat work But he seems to be coping with it better and his mood is much more stable. I wonder if adding epitalon to a cycle that causes anxiety would help alleviate those problems. The little rat girlfriend has been extra friendly since his grumpy ass has improved so much.
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