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Epi strong question and future log :-)


New member
As some of you know I plan on doing an epi strong cycle.
But I need to get my birth control shot (working on being able to get my copper iud). My issue with this is I don't know whether or not to start my cycle until I get the shot.
I have everything ready to go to start it but my shot :-( which I will hopefully be able to get this week.

Well if anyone has any input on how the birth control will affect my cycle it would be greatly appreciated!

Once I start my cycle I will have a log on here :)
I don't think it really matters if you started today or 3 days down the road when you get your shot. I would run it before switching to the copper IUD though. I've heard that switch can really mess up your hormones for a few months.
Thanks for the reply :)
I know I can always count on you to answer a question for me :)
Yeah I've heard about how bad the switch between birth control can be ;-(
Ok I started today and will start a log :)
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