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  1. A

    First Test and Var Cycle Log

    Going on my first test + var cycle. On this cycle I will be taking 2ml Test E per week and this is how my cycle currently looks: Weeks 1-6: 2ml test e per week
 Weeks 7-8: 2ml test e per week with 50mg var each day Week 9: 1.5ml test with 50mg var each day Week 10: 1ml test with 50mg var each...
  2. kravmaga02

    ostarine /s-4 stack log

    I figured I would log my results with this stack so here it is. I just started a few days ago so I've yet to see any crazy results but I have noticed a few things. My stats: height: 6 weight: 220 lbs % bf: ? between 12-15 not really sure I don't have calipers I my goal here is to...
  3. IrishCharms

    Ostarine Log (Mk-2866) 2012

    I am taking Ostarine on a recomp schedule; leaning heavily to losing body fat with some gain in lean muscle. I plan on dosing twice daily; once as I wake up and once before I work out. I am running on a caloric deficit of around 1000 calories from my resting metabolic caloric rate. I will...
  4. Jigga14

    Testo Beast- Monkey on a Rampage Log

    Hi everyone, First off i have to say that I love this awesome community, so many good bros and good info, I hope to learn and contribute as much as possible. Been hanging out here for almost 6 months, getting ready to cycle. I believe in doing it right, and using the lowest dosages possible...
  5. D

    And so it begins... DJTree's log of N2SLIN

    As promised, I'm going to keep a log of my experience with n2slin. It was the winner of the "what should I log next" challenge, and it arrived today. Here we go! Height: 6'5" Starting Weight: 251 lbs I didn't know any of the trainers working at the gym tonight, so I didn't get caliper'd...
  6. Bruvstar

    A New Way Of Learning? Let's Really Make An Effort...

    A New Way Of Learning? Let's Really Make An Effort.... I was here having a little daydream like you do at work...:) And I came across this question... Why are there SO many people asking for the same things? I'll give you an example... Diet plans, Workout plans, How to inject, Steroid Cycle...
  7. K

    KKKlick's Anavar Cycle Log

    Alright bros here it goes, today I started my cycle 70 mg per day for 8 weeks, 30mg with breakfast then 40 mg after the gym with post workou meal. Diet is a cutting diet, example of todays meals was 3 hard boiled eggs tablespoon of olive oil half a protein shake for breakfast, gym, post workout...
  8. Colstreamer

    New NTBM/Mrsupps portable oxygen test log

    Hi, I'll be testing the new portable oxygen supp from and keeping a log of my experiences here. If it does everything Neeto says it can this will be THE No1 must have supp for anyone involved in sports!:supercool
  9. mikediesel04

    My N2Burn Log

    I ordered 2 bottles of N2Burn a few days ago from NeedTo's site and as promised 3 bottles arrived at my doorstep this morning (buy 2 get 1 free deal). I was picked to be part of the log giveaway by NeedTo and Hurricane today, though I had already purchased these bottles, so I decided I would log...
  10. bader85

    bader85 continues the journey with 1-Andro RX from IronMag Labs log

    First off thanks to Stryker and IML choosing me to log and review 1-Andro RX. I've been looking at IML products for a while now and am honored I can try it out here on EF. Super fast getting me the product too. :) So since the end of the contest, I've been building a bit more mass or at...
  11. liffalot

    Liffalot's SARMS-S4 log

    Hey guys, So I'll be keeping a little SARMS-S4 log starting today. May lag a little bit over the weekends but I will update it with all the days in between on Mondays. Probably wont turn out as well as RADARs log or some of the others I've seen on here but it helps me stay organized writing...
  12. C.K.

    Tbol/Test/Mast/Primo/Mhn Spring Lean Bulk & Cut Cycle Log & Progress Pics

    Stats: 25 years old 5'11 205 lbs 12% Cycle: Week 1-5 Tbol 80 mg ED Week 1-12 Sustanon 270 mgs PW, Masteron 700-800 mgs PW, Primo 500 mgs PW Week 8-12 Mhn 30 mgs ED Goals: Minimal sides & Gyno free cycle and to Gain 20 lbs muscle while dropping 10 lbs body fat (but I will be happy only...
  13. B

    My Training Log 2011

    Hello, long-time lurker here. Basically, I’m tired of being out of shape. Stopped being active after college and wanted to start a log to track my results and nutrition. Cut out all junk food Jan.1st and started working out the 14th. Current stats are: Jan. 14, 2011 – 5’10”, 184 lbs, ~29%...
  14. SpyWizard

    Eviscerate review/Log

    Eviscerate Topical Fat Burner = Fat mobilizer whatever you want to call it… it works and I mean from day 1, from the 1st application onward.. I thought I had lost my mind but after contacting the manufacture to be sure it wasn’t psychosomatic (all in my head) because I did not take tape...
  15. jesse_01

    Jesse_01 Dieselbolan & Katanadrol Log

    This is my 2nd cycle. 1st cycle was beast + tren back last summer. 1-4 Dieselbolan 1 cap 3 times a day, 8 hrs apart 1-4 Forged liver support 2 caps a day, 12 hrs apart 4-8 Katanadrol 1 cap 3 times a day, 8 hrs apart 4-8 Liv52 2 caps a day, 12 hrs apart 5+ ltrs of water a day 250+ grams of...
  16. M

    Newb log for Starting Strength

    Hi, all. A little about myself. I'm 35 years old. I'm 6' 227 lbs, approximately 17% BF. I realized how out of shape I was about 5 months ago and started doing aerobic exercise to lose weight. I didn't lift during this phase but I am now committed to making lifting a part of my life. Before I...
  17. C

    test e log

    this is my first cycle and i will keeep everything logged. 10 week long im doing 200 mgs a week in 2 different shots. one on saturday one on tuesday...i started on saturday is why. 2 serious mass protein shakes a day 1 after shock right after workout have a diet planned out by need to, as well...
  18. M

    Tbol + Anavar = First cycle log

    Hello I am getting ready for my first cycle, I am 23, 6' at 170lbs at about 12%bf, I aim to get 3500+cals in me every day at a 35/40/25 ratio and have been training for about 3 years. I want a cycle that will allow me to put around 15lbs of muscle mass and loose some fat. The cycle I'll be...
  19. J

    Cyclotren and Monsterdrol stack for $73.99 for a limited time.

    Does not get any better than this for dry muscle gains guys.
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