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My ANAVAR only cycle LOG...detailed


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Yo whatup boys and girls.

I love this forum and its helped me out heaps with both AAS and nonAAS related topics. So I thought I’d make a log of my FIRST cycle ever. ANAVAR. Yes I understand that an anavar only cycle is not the best first cycle but theres a few reasons as to why I didn’t add test and one of them ISNT cos im afraid of needles lol.

They are: 1. I got the anavar for free and I wasn’t gonna try and sell it
2. I didn’t have enough time to run a proper full cycle with test PLUS a proper PCT afterwards; I wasn’t gonna run a half ass’ed cycle.
3. wasn’t really keen for the added side effects of test.

STATS (before cycle)
So a bit about myself….I like long walks on the beach…and im also 23, 201 pounds, 182cm, between 15-20% bf (closer to 20…awks). Lifting wise bench 240 squat 250ish deadlifts 320 (all those are for a full set, I don’t do 1rep max)

Weeks 1-7 Anavar 40/60/60/60/60/60/70 (basically based on how much I have)
Weeks 8-10 Nolva 40/20/20 and maybe tribulus, zma, and all that other stuff that is useless.

1. Remain at around the same weight!! Partly another reason why I didn’t do test as well. I like my current weight
2. Lose bf, add lean gains that are maintainable post cycle
3. Increase my lifts significantly!! I want to be stronger

Since I have the time im gonna try a 2 workouts a day regime. Haven’t really finalized the details but the aim is to workout major muscle groups in the morning (legs, back, chest) then the other groups at night (shoulders, bis, tris, abs). Saturday would be cardio and Sunday would be rest. So I get through everything at least twice a week.

Gonna be dieting for the 6 weeks. Cutting out most carbs from the diet and trying to stay around 2000 cals

General Observations: the first few days gave me a bit of a stomach upset cos I was taking them on an empty stomach, 2 in the morning and 2 at around 6pm, but that went away. I immediately noticed my muscles looked fuller and more noticeable…the only way I can describe it is if you’ve ever been carb loaded and dehydrated at the same time. No vascularity

Weight: went up a little but not much ~203

Strength: no real gains in strength just yet…I think there is a bit of a psychological aspect, I can push out 2 or 3 more reps than I usually would but don’t know how much that has to do with the var

General Observations: stomach upset is gone, pretty smooth sailing, I take it with grape juice now, appaz that helps with absorbtion….dont look into it too much lols. Getting a little bit vascular but not too much. Muscles look the same as week 1

Weight: gone back down to starting weight of 201, but I do look like im starting to loose some bf. My stomach suck has improved as well.

Strength: increasing pretty significantly. I find that the more I work out the more it increases (stupid statement, I know). Like for example dumbbell shoulder press was 60 pounds before cycle, last week went up to a full set of 70 pounds, then 3 days later did a full set of 75 pounds, and just did a full set of 80 pounds today (overtraining my shoulders cos theyre one of my weaknesses). Haven’t seen an increase in my major excercises though…bench is the same as is deadlifts, only squats increased by 10 pounds which isn’t much.

Ps noticed that ive had an increase in the number of hairs falling out, cant really tell whether its cycle related but ive got the nizoral shampoo and am using that every second day now
My first cycle was var only and I loved the results. If you really wanna add some more strength and lose more fat, add some S4 and GW to the cycle and follow up with ostarine in pct
General Observations: not much change from week 2 unfortunately, vascularity hasn’t increased much. Ive still got that constant pump though. I haven’t noticed any suppression just yet. Still horny as f*#@ just like I was before haha. The big man works fine as well

Weight: Increased to 203 pounds which is great considering my bf seems to be dropping. I think its mainly from visceral fat though. Not much change in sub cutaneous fat around my lower abs. stomach suck is getting better and better by the day

Strength: was increasing pretty rapidly, but ive tuned down the training a little cos I don’t think my joints can handle the weight ive been doing. For example, for leg press ive gone from 4 plates on each side to 10 (and that’s like an easy full set) but my knees are starting to get sore. So ive changed it now to increased number of sets and lower weight…haven’t done legs yet but ill probably do 7 plates for 6 sets rather than 10 plates for 3-4.

In terms of the hair issue, it still is falling out and looks thinner in some areas. The problem is I have long hair for like the first time ever so im not sure whether im just noticing it more because its long or there is an actual increase in the number falling out. The shampoo makes it feel nice though lols.

ALSO im increasing my dose to 70mg which means I wont have as many left but I should make it to 6 weeks which is fine by me.

Oh and im thinking of adding creatine…any thoughts?
Are you feeling lethargic at all ? I'm on anavar now and planned to run it solo but the lethargy left me unmotivated to train so I added in some test prop at a low dose of 200mg a week. Feel much better now
i have a morning shake (protein, with zero carbs) then my post workout carbs and protein shake then my first meal at about 12. i usually train in the am (sometimes 7-8 sometimes 10-11).
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