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advice needed

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    Let me know what you think! My 8 weeks workout plan!

    Hello all! I’m new here and I am interested to know what you think about my 8 weeks workout plan! first I’d like to say that I have been playing hockey for 25 years now and I am used to working out. Unfortunately I ripped my groin two years ago and got diagnosed with a herniated cervical last...
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    Napsgear Napsgear tren and anavar together

    what a great cycle using trenbolone and anavar together I am doing 200mgs of tren and stacking in anavar 50mgs a day I am getting harder, meaner, and leaner My next step is going to be finishing off the cycle with a lot of high repetitions and trying to get as vascular as I can. Napsgear...
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    Domestic-Supply Domestic supply on point no problems

    Zero issues using domestic supply Greg has been amazing with responding to my emails He said my product would ship out the next day, and a week later i had nothing I reached out to him to see if he could help me track my package. he responded within 12 hours and gave me a tracking number...
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    getting ripped thank you PSL

    i’ve gotten ripped off so many times i lost count. The guy at the gym was the last straw and i no longer will trust anyone else but these guys. They are extremely professional andt heir products work well. great options on their site. they have great service and help. delivery was fast nice...
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    Eurotropin help from PSL!

    I just ordered Eurotropin, got a nice deal on it with the sale It ships without water. Does this mean i have to buy it on my own and how does that work? Also it comes in 10 vial X10IU. If i want to take 2iu per day how long will this last me? I want to try 1 kit first and then order more...
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    First test cycle

    Hi I'm about to start my first cycle running test e and dbol and was looking for any advice or pointers I'm 6' 1 90kg and around 12%bf My current plan for my cycle is Week 1-12 test e 500mg Week 1-4 dbol 25mg ed Week 1-12 arimidex 0.25mg eod For pct Nolvadex week 15-16 40mg ed...
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    What Do you think about this cycle and the PCT

    Thank you in advance for any feedback you can help me with Im 6’3 185ibs 25 years old not real bulky but lean muscle. I play golf so IM not trying to get real bulky but would like to gain more good lean muscle and keep more gains this time by doing the right PCT I also will be working out hard...
  8. J

    hey guys would like some critism on current cycle

    im 23 90kg 12% bf lifting 3 years will be starting my next cycle of: 1-8 test p at 200mg pw 1-8 tren a at 400mg pw 1-4 anadrol at 50mg pd through out whole cycle tamoxifen 20mg pd im gyno prone as fuk i have ran tren on my last cycle my body handled it pretty well got tremendous gains and got...
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    Need advice on new test cycle

    Hey guys i need some advice on a new cycle im going to take. I have been on a low dose test e cycle before (200ml PW with Nolva and clomid PCT. Im about to take Test Enthanate 12 week cycle. 200ml per week PCT: Nolvadex and Clomid. Iv been working out for 4 years Im 26 years old. Im about 70...
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    Winny, first timer need advice!

    Hey I'm going to be back in school september and I'm planning on getting a gym membership. I'll be getting winny 25mg tabs and I have a few questions. Is there anything else recommended to stack with winny or should I stick with just the Winny, I should also mention I'm a virgin to steroids. My...
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    help woould be appreciated

    Basicly,my left side is visably bigger than my right side but weaker than my right handed and right footed.i play semi pro football so train alot with fitness.i have been goin gym on and off for atleast 2years.i have recently,lets say the last year lost alot of weight and now the...
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    Need an advice for my 1st steroid cycle

    Hello everyone I'm new here, so don't know exactly how it all works. I'm 20 years old, 97kgs (213 lbs), 15 % BF, Training experience 2 years, height 6 ft. I'm planning my first cycle, all the gear would be pharma grade and would be coming direct from the pharmacy. The cycle is- Deca...
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    test-equi-deca-tren cycle advice

    12 week cycle Week 1-4 500mg enanthate ew 100mg proponiate eod 400mg deca ew 350mg equipoise ew Week 4-8 500mg enanthate 350mg equipoise ew Week 8-12 500 mg enanthate 200mg tren acetate ew Week 12-16 Hcg blast phase Week 16-20 PCT 50mg clomid ed *arimidex and kessar on hand for during...
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    First cycle Help

    I need to put on weight for summer, i currently weight 160 looking to go up to 190. age: 22 weight:160 height: 5,9 I was thinking about doing this cycle Methandrostenolone Deca-Nandrolone Decanoate Testosterone Cypionate Tamoxifen Proviron I don't know how to use them do you guys have...
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    Advice on anavar

    Hello, i started lifting at 16 being a skinny ectomorph weighing about 56kg and after about a year of dedicated lifting (When i say dedicated i mean to the point where i did not miss a workout and was going 5 times a week) i decided to try Anavar, other wise known as oxandrolone. The reason i...
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    First-time cycle PCT help

    I have already posted in the Anabolic Steroids thread about my upcoming cycle and was given the following recommendations for PCT (shoutout to the guys that helped me). As for PCT, you should use nolva and/or clomid Ostarine from sarms1 HCGenerate DAA (optional, I like it) I am running a 12...
  17. J

    Plans for first cycle. Please critique.

    Hey guys, after about 7 years of lifting, I believe it's time for me to run my first cycle. I'm currently 22 years old, 6ft, and around 210lb. I've already run epistane and superdrol twice each and I seemed fairly tolerant to each compound. Gains were great, but only about 50% lasted. Thats why...
  18. M

    anavar advice needed from women with experience

    ok so ive done a lot of researching on women and anavar and cannot seem to find much so im really hopeing this thread will help me to figure out if anavar is right for me and the goals i want to achieve and if not what would someone with a little more knowledge and experience suggest for me? Im...
  19. R

    Test E susta wino Tren GH slin Cycle need opinion

    hello everyone this is the first time that i post i have been reading a lot here about bodybuilding and it is amazing very helpful now i need your opinion on this cycle my current stats are : age 24 height 6ft4 weight 242 bf% 10 12% been training for 6 years now my last cycle was test E...
  20. B

    Advice on cycle!

    Stats: age 24 height 6 foot weight 230 Cycle history: dbol 25mg a day Hello bro's im new to this forum so im still trying to figure out everything. I would just like some advice to a second cycle to build mass and a lot of strengh while cutting some fat. I know my first cycle is garbage but i...
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