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Need an advice for my 1st steroid cycle

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Hello everyone
I'm new here, so don't know exactly how it all works.
I'm 20 years old, 97kgs (213 lbs), 15 % BF, Training experience 2 years, height 6 ft.

I'm planning my first cycle, all the gear would be pharma grade and would be coming direct from the pharmacy.

The cycle is-

Deca, proviron, winstrol

I'm thinking of running 300 Mgs of deca every week, 70 Mgs of proviron every day for 11 weeks
And 50 Mgs of winstrol would be added in last 6 or 7 weeks.
Week 11, 12 and 13th ... I would be running HCG. ( 7500 iu, 5000 iu, 5000 iu)

Also I would be taking milk thistle and liv 52 for liver support and around 4g of fish oil every day

My diet would be like
300g protein ed
50-60g fats
And would be cycling carbs (100, 200, 300g)

I'm looking for some lean gains and shred body fat and gain some strength, I need your advice for the dosages of the drugs or any alterations if required.
You shouldn't be roiding yet, buddy. Plan that cycle for your 21st birthday, lol.
For now, get a bottle of DSpark (3 tabs/day) & a bottle of unleashed, from N2BM. & run that & enjoy those results first.
That's such a terrible cycle, I didn't expect much though since you're 20. Way too young. We don't give advice to 29 year olds about aas.

If this is your first cycle, i would take it a little easier and drop the Deca, , you gotta have some experience to deal with that Deca, i wouldnt recommend it on your first cycle. if you want to get some lean gains, i would shoot Test Propionate 300mg 2 x week along with Masteron 300mg 2 x week . Thags it, you shouldnt need anything else. Have some arimidex on hand for gyno, and do the HCG , nolva and clomid for PCT. As well as the cycle supplements, milk thistle, vitamin D, vitamin E , saw palmetto and a B complex.

Good luck bro.
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