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advice needed

  1. K

    non test cycle for a newbie

    Heres the scoop . I have NF1 i'll go into detail if needed. but from what i read test injections increase fibroid growth. the post were mainly women. not sure how it effects men. but what im getting at is, what non test Gear can i run to bulk up? thanks ahead of time
  2. S


    Beginner question open to.criticism Have test winny and clomid What is.proper.cycle to adminsitr orally Test and.winnt together then pct?
  3. P

    First Cycle Advice

    I am about to start my first cycle in January and I want some advice. I'm doing this cycle to push me ahead in my sport. my stats are Age: 22 Height: 6"0' Weight: 235 Bench: 395 Squat: 550 Clean 360 Snatch: 285 Body Fat: 13% I preferably want to get my clean and snatch as high as...
  4. C

    Second Cycle Advice & Opinions please

    age 22 height 6ft2 weight 96kg I have just finished a 10 week Test Cyp (500mg/week) cycle and I am really pleased with the gains, I have put on 10kg of muscle - now 96 kg and have firmed up considerably. also i got no sides whatsoever! I have clomid for my PCT which will start 2 weeks from...
  5. G

    Dosing Questions (sorry Clen releated)

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. Thats the good news, but the bad news is this post is Clen related. From what I read from the recent posts this subject seems like it has been beaten to death. My question is related to dosing though. I am completely new to all of...
  6. Tony Pao 85

    Streriod use

    I just finished a sustanon deca cycle about 7-8 weeks ago I'm wondering if it's ok to start a winny cycle now to cut up some of this weight I put on from my last cycle. Is it to late? If so when should I start? Any other suggestions will be awesome. Thanks Tony pao
  7. K

    Test E and Proviron first cycle advice please.

    Hi guys, Need some advice. I'm thinking of running Test E at 500mg pw and Proviron 50mg ed for 10 weeks as a first cycle. The first question is, what are your thoughts on this as a first cycle? Is Proviron enough to counteract gyno etc? Or should I be taking an actual AI as well. If so, what...
  8. N

    My first Cycle, any help?

    Hello, im new to using steroids, im 18 and just starting an 8 week course of Turanabol. Im going to take 20mg a day. Is that alright? I train mon-fri and my routine is as follows; Mon- Chest (incline, decline, flat, flys etc) Tues- Back (pull downs, one arm rows, dead lifts etc) Wed-...
  9. S

    Need first cycle advice

    Height: 5'8 Weight:140 Age: 23 Years training: 5 Body fat: 6 maybe 7% Diet: Eat as much as I can Goal: 170-180, 6-7% bf Planned cycle: test prop Wk 1-3 100mg eod ( maybe at the end too) test e Wk 1-12 400mg once a week PCT: hcgen, n2guard, formastanazol, Unleashed, post cycle, bridge Hey...
  10. N

    New to EF, looking for some expertise

    Hi Everyone, I am a 25 year old female, who is 5'3 in height and roughly 196 pounds with a body fat percentage over 40. I originally joined this site to gain some knowledge on clen, var, and cytomel...hoping for some quicker results to help keep me motivated. After reading a lot of posts, I...
  11. J

    Test/Deca first cycle- proper feedback please

    Hi all, Need to ensure that I have a decent cycle plan Details Age: just turned 21 weight: 202lbs height: 5ft 10 body fat: 15% (3 point skinfold test) First cycle Training since 16 yo, competed bodybuilding natural in 2008 calorie intake 3,500 a little bit over 1.5g/lb of protein 6 meals a...
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