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help woould be appreciated

Basicly,my left side is visably bigger than my right side but weaker than my right handed and right footed.i play semi pro football so train alot with fitness.i have been goin gym on and off for atleast 2years.i have recently,lets say the last year lost alot of weight and now the diference in size is extreamly visable.i have also noticed balancing issues beacause of this.iv been to see a ostreopath as i had alot of pain and have been told i have a twisted pelvice so my body is basikly twisted to one side.

Im really confused of how to help this or who to seek advice off, i.e a specialist.
The weight loss has been significant in this but now im jus confused of what to do next so i can even out my body and also balance better.

I understand that ur dominant side wil be stronger therfore wen lifting weaker side will develop diferently to the stronger how can i correct this.

Looking for honest and helpful people to try and help me finaly correct this and accomplish my goals in life.
Thanks for your time.
Just keep training and isolate the sides whenever possible, i.e. dumbells, single leg exercises. That, and really study up on diet to get the best results.
its NORMAL to have imbalances when you are young.

as you continue to lift they will balance out assuming you are lifting the right way. yes there are right and wrong ways to lift.

for example I hope you do compound lifts, and rotate muscle groups. also I hope you don't use belts, straps, grips, gloves and all that other shit young guys like to drag into the gym
Im 24 so no lol dont drag all that sfuff in gym..i understand everyone had imbalances but wot do u do wen it has got worse and worse and then has become an isue with everyday life.i.e now my balancing is so im not a lil one sided coz tht wud be norm.i put this measage as im jus getin more and more one sided.stoped goin gym for around 3 months because just got worse.prob makin things worse than what they are by doin that.
In all honesty, you may just be perceiving that you have pronounced differences because it is your body and we all like to obsess over our bodies, when in reality it probably is not that visible to others. I've broken my right leg twice (and had surgery both times) and I swear that it is smaller than my left one but when ever I ask anyone what they think, no one seems to really notice any difference. Good luck and keep lifting!
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