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test-equi-deca-tren cycle advice

James Hectic

New member
12 week cycle

Week 1-4
500mg enanthate ew
100mg proponiate eod
400mg deca ew
350mg equipoise ew

Week 4-8
500mg enanthate
350mg equipoise ew

Week 8-12
500 mg enanthate
200mg tren acetate ew

Week 12-16
Hcg blast phase

Week 16-20
50mg clomid ed

*arimidex and kessar on hand for during course as neccessary.

22 years old
2nd cycle
75kg body weight
6% Body fat

Squat- 12kg 12reps
Max deadlift- 180kg 2reps

Would appreciate general advice on the cycle as well as specific advice on how to run the hcg before my clomid pct.

Diet is in check. I would like to compete aesthetically.

Thanks in advance.
This is a cluster fuck of a cycle that lacks any common steroid knowledge. You need to go back to the drawing board and learn how to probably run gear not just throw whatever compounds you think sound cute together.
Lol, sounds cute? Frontloading with prop and deca to get levels up and to aid the severe joint problems I am suffering from.

Equi for majority of the cycle and finishing with tren.

I have heard of many finishing a long cycle with fast acting tren. I dont see how it is that "cluster fucked" with that in mind.

How about some actual substance in your response rather than your ego just cumming all over your keyboard my man.
You literally just heard the names of steroids and decided to put them in to a cycle.. deca, eq and tren in your second cycle.. also how tall are you because 75 kg isn't very heavy

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4 wks of Deca? Might as well just flush it down the toilet. 8 wks of EQ? Flush that too. How 'bout a little background on your first cycle, compounds, on cycle support, PCT, results.
lol, running pro qty of gear when your 165lbs????

Adex on hand in case? This is why guys need to go bra shopping.

Im speachless....
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