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anavar advice needed from women with experience


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ok so ive done a lot of researching on women and anavar and cannot seem to find much so im really hopeing this thread will help me to figure out if anavar is right for me and the goals i want to achieve and if not what would someone with a little more knowledge and experience suggest for me? Im a 22 year old female and im 5"5 and 118 lbs by no means do I think I am over weight but I do have problem areas. (Mainly my stomach.) I am very thin but I would love to build just a little bit more muscle (my arms are very tooth pick like) and tone myself. Im hopeing to eventually get a fitness model look. More toned and in shape . What I do not want is to bulk or get ripped. I work out regularly probably on average 4 times a week. (Sometimes more) I eat generally healthy, I eat all whole grains when I eat carbs and try to stay away from them in general. I eat lots pf proteins, fruits and vegetable and I stay away from sugars and all fast food/deep fried food. I used to exercise a lot less and eat very unhealthy and since making a some changes I have seen some slight weight loss, unfortunately it seems as though ive hit a point where im not loosing or toning any more. My boyfriend has used anavar in the past and has suggested I try acycle. He says this will help me to build some muscle as well as cut my fat but im worried it may work different on me then it did for him since im female.Does anyone on here have any advice or before and after pictures of Anavar - oxandrolone - ? Im a little hesitant because I do not want to bulk and the side effects worry me a tad. Of im taking a vert lpw dosage should i be worried about voice change haor growth or clitoris growth? Ive also did a little bit of searching onClen. Any advice? I only want to run maybe onecycleto slim and tone up? Below I have Attatched a picture of my body atm.
Before you consider a cycle of var, you need to consider your diet. If that's not in place, the var won't do much of anything. Any idea how much you're eating? what does an average day of meals look like?
Var will make you gain weight, it's a steroid afterall and seeing as you said you don't want to bulk, why would you even consider taking steroids?
You sound like a complete beginner. Train hard and heavy for a year and get your diet in check then if you're still interested revisit the Var idea.
Also, the fact that you said you tried searching for info on var and didn't find any is a little disturbing, there's literally 1000's of posts about it on the Internet
Honestly, based on your age alone, I'd say no to any cycle. Now that I've stated that....when you say you eat "lots of protein" what does that mean? How *much* protein are you eating? If you want to gain more muscle, you need to eat more food in general. When you're on a cycle, a general rule is to up protein intake by roughly 10% of your off-cycle amount. Get in the gym, lift heavy ass weights and the muscle will come, you just have to be patient.
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