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Personal training in a gym

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Personal training in a gym within the Weight Training & Weight Lifting category.

Excerpt: I am a certified personal trainer working for a gym that pay is really crappy and I feel like I am good enough to make a living at this. I was thinking about starting up my own website in my area and training people in person at gyms within 50 miles. most all gyms have strict rules on doing that due to liability and greediness on their part. Do you think I'd be able to get away with it where they won't suspect anything or should I try different strategy

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    Re: Personal training in a gym

    Come up with a different strategy.

    Many of those folks seeking a trainer aren't looking to throw up 8 reps of 225. They need someone to motivate them, do some moderate strength training and get their fitness level up. I'd look at offering a service to go to train them in their home. Slowly build up equipment you can take with you like a lightweight flat bench, adjustable dumbells, etc. My brother-in-law has a guy that comes to his house and jacks him up for an hour. I think he pays big money for it too.

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    Re: Personal training in a gym

    doesnít sound like itíll work

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