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Complete newbie training schedule

I'd focus on compound movements and getting proper attention with how you preform the reps as you want them done safely and proper
so I am not sure where to go from here. I signed up to a gym and they have been pushing me to work with a personal trainer for $60 an hour. I just cannot afford to do that at this time
so I'm going to do things on my own is what I told them
I'm hoping you can give me some pointers as to a strategy to working out. right now I just show up and I just go to an open machine and do some sets. I don't really know what I'm doing I'm just trying to get a burn to my muscle at this point. how can I structure things to get the very best out of my body
hit your majors.... chest a day back and shoulders a day legs a day then hit arms a day if you can. hit major compound movements squats presses dead lifts get your diet right
Stick to the big lifts. 3x a week is fine. I'd recommend dumbells to avoid imbalances that can happen with a bar.

Example with a focus on Ancillary "beach work" for arm size. All 3x8+. When you get to 10 reps, increase weight and try to hit 6 reps mininum with the next weight up. If you cant, drop down weight. Once up to 10 reps, increase weight again.

Ancillary (curls, tricep extensions, rdl)

Ancillary (curls, tricep ex, glute bridges)

Incline bench
Ancillary (curls, tricep ex, light squats or cossaks)

Just an example. Keeping it simple and consistent will get results as long as you go near failure and keep bumping weight up within that 3x 6-10 range.
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