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personal trainer

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    First job as fitness trainer. How to begin with the new client

    Hello. In next days I'll start my first job as fitness trainer and I need some advices. How to begin first training with new client. What kind of questions to ask and how to begin training. I have general idea what should I ask and what kind of info I need from my client. First thing first I...
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    Personal training in a gym

    I am a certified personal trainer working for a gym that pay is really crappy and I feel like I am good enough to make a living at this. I was thinking about starting up my own website in my area and training people in person at gyms within 50 miles. most all gyms have strict rules on doing...
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    Female cutting stack

    I'm a personal trainer and practically live at the gym both working out and training people. I don't know much about using anabolic steroids though. What kind of advice would you give me when it comes to running them for the first time. How do I order them and what should I run to cut down
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    Using a personal trainer

    I never use a personal trainer before so this question Is about that. I've listed for the past five years but nothing consistent until recently. I have a good workout program I put together but I know that I have a lot of work to do to get it to where I can get the most results. Do you think...
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    how to rent a personal trainer

    I am looking to rent a personal trainer for an hour for in person workouts. I do NOT want to use the trainers at my gym cause I have done that before and they are awful, cheap and keep harassing me when I workout to book another session. I just want someone who will go with me and help me in...
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    (Need advice) What do you think of online platform for selling training programs?

    Hi everyone, Are there trainers who use different soft for selling their training programs? Could you please write your experience. There are many different platforms that offer this service for coaches and gyms, but what to read real feedbacks. Will be thankful for any information.
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    Question How to find elite-level personal trainers in Spain?

    Hi everyone I am looking to launch a specialized fitness studio in Spain and I am looking for an elite-level personal trainer to be a business partner (by elite I mean a proven track record working with athletes, models, etc). I know of course there are plenty of amazing PT's who are...
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    Advice on New Personal Trainer Tool

    Hello! Would really appreciate any of your thoughts on a new product for personal trainers. It's a smart resistance band that can track workouts automatically and sync data to an app, so that people: (1) Can see what rep/weight they're on in real-time (2) Follow along to guided videos (3)...
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    Personal trainer and technology

    Hey all, I need to do a survey as an assignment for a class. I am very interested in health and fitness, specifically the role of the personal trainer. I would like to find out about what it is like to be a personal trainer, and different technologies personal trainers use to help clients reach...
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    Which PTC is best to begin with?

    I'm currently looking to become certified as a personal trainer. I'm 19 years old and have been training, dieting, and studying bodybuilding/fitness since I was very young (my father was an amateur bodybuilder and has me watching Pumping Iron by age 7). I have no time or financial constraints...
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    Do you as, a fitness professional, offer online only training?

    Hi there, I'm a personal trainer in the making (studying for my CSCS) and was wondering if any personal trainers out there offer online only training to their clients? I was wondering if trainers would be interested in a tool that would allow them to create a daily nutrition guide and...
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    Needed Personal Trainer in Sharjah (UAE)

    Hello I am looking for a qualified personal trainer in Sharjah city in United Arab Emirates. Contact me on: 00971509715738 : [email protected] Regards, Khalid
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    Personal Trainer Info

    Hello, I am new to this group. My name is Ashley and I am looking for any information on becoming a personal trainer. Currently I am looking to go to a local community college in my area for a 6 week course on personal training, then possibly become certified with NSCA. I have been reading up on...
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    Mobile Gym

    Hey guys, A group of us are starting a mobile gym business where personal trainers can schedule training sessions with their clients without having to associate with gym. Do you guys think it's a good idea? If not, why? Thanks for your feedback in advance. -Jack
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    SW Michigan Strength Clinic

    The Niles High School Athletic Training department will be hosting the second annual Southwest Michigan Strength and Conditioning Clinic on Saturday, April 21, 2012 from 9am to 4 pm. This is a great opportunity for Certified Personal Trainers to earn CEU's. Go to the Niles Community Schools...
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    PT app/web help

    Hey Guys, I started training about 6 months ago. At first I was using a clipboard to record clients data, but then I thought that recording it with an iPad/iPhone app would be a lot easier to share and manipulate over time. I was sure there would be an app for this, but there wasn't. So I've...
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    Problems personal trainers have according to research

    I have been interviewing personal trainers for the past few weeks. These were the massive problems I discovered with the industry. Do you agree with these problems? 1. Personal trainers struggle to advertise & sell themselves. 2. There is no one market place where personal trainers can sell...
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    Who is your favorite online fitness pro?

    There's been a lot of talk about this top 20 list in the past 2 days. But who do you like from that list. The 20 Most Influential Fitness People On The Web | Stay Fit
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    British/South African personal trainer seeking sponsorship to work in USA

    Hi , Im seeking advice on how or where I can source a employer/sponsor that would help me , with gaining a work permit for the USA. I am a qualified personal trainer with 10 years experience in the fitness industry. Thank you Angus
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    Certification Help

    Hello Everyone!!! Anyone have ACE and/or NASM certification study material they are looking to sell? I would like to get both certifications. Thanks, Coach Elvis
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