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Approved Log Testosterone Primobolan Anavar HGH Cycle Log

Legs tonight! Quad focused session
Plan is to start with foam rolling then move onto:
Leg extension
Unilateral leg press
Hack squats
Abductor and adductor machine
Then finish off with some calves
Will log the results and post later tonight/tomorrow how it went :)
@Mrgains2505 leg day doing it bro
must be pumped BUT please add sets and reps and weights so we know
So leg day results
Leg extension whole stack 10 reps
Unilateral leg press 3 plates a side 10 reps
Hack squats 4 plates 8 reps
Adductors and abductors whole stack 10 reps
@Mrgains2505 good rep count but how about weights?

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Some fresh pics of how I'm looking
These are first thing in the morning fasted
looking really good abs are tight and you have great posing bro :)
work on the glutes
Weights are listed bro :)
Plates here are 20kg (44lbs)
So unilateral leg press for example at 3 plates a side is 120kg
@Mrgains2505 saw like 3 plates etc not sure whats that in American USA lbs haha
but now I see
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