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Approved Log Testosterone Enanthate and Equipoise cycle log

G-day everyone, I’ll be putting my weights down in kilograms from now on.
Today was arms and abs, it was a good session, very productive. I thought it may not have been due to a poor night sleep, but anyway I smashed it out.
I always start arms training with my triceps first.
Skull crushes 3 x 7-9, 10,40kg, 7-45kg, 8-45kg.
Seated over head db ext 2 x 10-12, 14-36kg, 13-38kg
Rope pushdown 2 x 13-15, 14-20kg, 13-20kg.
Single arm rope push down 2 x 13-15, 16-5kgs, 15-5kgs.

Alternating dumbbell curl 3 x 7-9, 10-12kg, 8-14kg, 10-14kg.
Bb drag curl 3 x 10-12, 12-25kg, 10-30kg, 10-30kgs.
lying overhead cable curl 3 x 13-15, 16-17.5kg, 15-20kg, 15-20kg.

Cable crunches 2 x 16-20, 24-36kg, 20-36kg.
laying leg raises 2xmax, 25, 20.
Nice work mate, nice weights moved also. I see bright future here. Lot of dedication and consistency
Wednesday, legs day!!!
This was my first meal of the day, it was at 8am. I have the day off work so a bit of a sleep in never hurt. After meal 1, I pinned 150mg of test & 150mg of eq. I plan to train after meal 2. So before I hit legs, I should have drank about 3l or .8gal of water. When I train legs it really get me sweeting, worse than a gypsy with a mortgage.
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