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Teen Needing Help with Cutting Cycle After Bulk


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Hey Guys ive been lifting for a good three years building and trying to cut building and then trying to cut. Currently i am Age 17 6 foot 1, 226 LBS and around 10-12 percent bodyfat ( I have a 4 pack showing through). But im looking for that completely shredded look. I've Done many calorie cuts in the past but in the end i end up loosing to much muscle and don't really look that cut at all.

I workout 5x a week, changing up my routine constantly in order to synthesize growth.

I Went and got a Metacheck My RMR is 2923 calories. The sheet says after lifestyle and activity added on to my RMR im burning around 3799 and thats not including my workout.

What im asking is what would be an effective diet/way to loose the bodyfat that i am currently carrying. I dont do any cardio right now but i do have intense workouts. How much Cardio do i need to do? (I'm fine with doing to morning cardio for more benefits). What diet would u suggest? Low carb? Zig Zag? Low Fat? Carb cycling? Ur input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Guys
Cardio is the way to go, three to for times a week. Low carb always helped me lose the last bit of fat that I would have stored up
So ur saying eat my maintenance calories? And do some morning cardio? Or along with that drop the carbs and increase the Protien? But still eat maintenance calories just with a ratio like 45 Protien 40 carb 15 fat?
Try keeping your nutrition intake the same and add the cardio, and if you don't start loosing the the fat that way then go in and try the low carb. How many grams of protein do you take in a day?
Ok I'll start that cardio. I want to maintain as much muscle and strength as possible. And I get around 275 grams of complete Protiens everyday. I don't count grains nuts only meats and Protien powder. And I dont eat any dairy
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