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  1. H

    Fast metabolism and bulking on steroids

    I'm the type of person who has a very fast metabolism and I eat a lot of food but I'm not able to put on any Mass I'm hoping that using steroids can change this Where i live, steroids are very hard to get and illegal But I am determined to use them even if it means leaving my country and going...
  2. C

    Shredded steel thermogenic fat burner

    Was reading about shredded Steel which is by Steel fit they have some pretty good supplements. this one is $50 and it's supposed to be really good for fat burning and also weight loss I was wondering what you guys thought about this for suppressing appetite I'm currently in need of something...
  3. O

    Refeeding during a deficit

    I've been on a caloric deficit for a while and I noticed that my weight loss has stopped in his tracks and I'm actually gaining weight again. Apparently this is normal and from what I read you're supposed to do refeeds to kick-start your metabolism again. Can anyone explain the science behind...
  4. B

    how best to eat while on anavar

    female here 5’8’’ Kinda tall and bulky I have an athletic build, always played softball Gonna use anavar/oxandrolone to help with fat loss. is it true you have to eat every 2 hours to keep your metabolism up or is there a better way to eat while on the stuff to help with fat loss
  5. G

    seaweed options?

    Getting frustrated trying to find healthy seaweed, reading a lot of good benefits with the thyroid and metabolism, I guess it has a lot of minerals and vitamins like iodine that are good for that? I tried it once and it tasted exactly how you would think. Trying to figure out which sites sell...
  6. A

    how poor bodybuilders really eat

    I will be completely blunt I am super poor. I drive a nice car but that takes up most of my money, between that and my 1 bedroom apartment. Does not leave me much for groceries. I also feel like my metabolism is really fast where I have a hard time gaining muscle. What kind of foods and...
  7. D

    keeping metabolism up by eating a cheat meal

    My buddy eats junk food twice a week because he says it keeps his metabolism up, he said he has read studies showing this but when i asked him he wouldn't tell me the actual study. He isn't in good shape at all. i'm just wondering is he right with what he said or is he just making things up to...
  8. C

    7 Weird Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

    Like, what the heck is it, anyway? And how can you make it work for you? We asked top doctors to talk to us the way they talk to their closest pals. Turns out, you can eat and even sleep your way to your best shape ever. Here's a crash course: "I tell my friends to think of metabolism as a car...
  9. Y

    Food to Augment Metabolic Process in winters and Burn Fat

    Winters are hard on your fitness and weight loss process. This is because as your body temperature decreases, so does your metabolic rate. With the slow metabolic rate, you fail to burn a good number of calories, which ultimately causes you to gain more weight during the season. Many winter...
  10. T

    Weight Loss and Metabolism

    How many times have you asked someone who appears to be eating large amounts of food, but maintaining the figure of an over enthusiastic long distance runner, how they mange it, only to receive the somewhat unlikely reply that it’s just their metabolism? So what do you need to know about...
  11. LEW D0GGY D0G

    hardgainer and steroids

    I am a typical hargainer, and have made very good gains naturally. To say it was difficult is an understatment. I hate when people say theres no such thing as a 'hardgainer', thats complete S**T. I have low test (14 nmol), small frame, and am 6'1, and it has been hell trying to get where i am...
  12. M

    Teen Needing Help with Cutting Cycle After Bulk

    Hey Guys ive been lifting for a good three years building and trying to cut building and then trying to cut. Currently i am Age 17 6 foot 1, 226 LBS and around 10-12 percent bodyfat ( I have a 4 pack showing through). But im looking for that completely shredded look. I've Done many calorie cuts...
  13. L

    Information about Metabolism

    Great article about metabolism I found it on: This article describes the science of eating every two to three hours and helps you put it to action in attaining your goals. "You have such high metabolism!" Who hasn't heard some form of that phrase before? We attribute...
  14. BigJohnD

    Liquid clenbutrx® hardcore

    Anybody use this stuff yet?... I was first going after a clen/t3 stack, then i was advised not to, because i was a newbie, and need to get my diet and workout in order first, then i was looking into and eca stack, then i came across this stuff, supposed to be the #1 on the market, and the...
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