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Ok guys, fess up, which one of you owns this blog post?


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I snagged this beauty from another board..

Yahoo! 360° - Man For Young Girl To Become My Wife

Page 1 of 2 - Updated 9/17/2008 8:57 AM
News (If you don't find me online or I'm not responding to your posts, remember to come back here to read this "News" section):

  • When I started, it took two hours and twenty minutes to walk 7 miles. Now it takes less than two hours for my 7 mile morning walk. Pretty good for a man my age don't you think? I've even had to take my belt in one notch. My goal is to get down to within 20 pounds of what I weighed in high school when I was a lean mean hockey playing machine, about 30 pounds to go.
  • Because I average a couple a month on interviews that make it to the place where Proof Pictures are required to continue, but the interviewees just want to chat and never supply the Proof Pictures, I'm in the process of changing the method the interview process is started. Soon you will be required to provide some Proof Pictures, and after receiving and approving of them, you will be sent interview questions in an RTF document (RTFs are immune to viruses when opened with WordPad) which you will answer and send back to me before I will even start chatting with you. This new method should get rid of all posers and players. Hopefully in the next week or two this new process will be implemented.
  • On occasion someone is able to inactivate my account so that I cannot log back on. What I do then is create a new account and do the same thing with that account. However, if you have added my old account to your list, but no longer find me online You can look for me using another account name, you'll see the same type messages posted in the room and they will refer to this profile (blog). Alternatively, you can email me at Man4Wife (at) BreakThru (dot) com telling my your Yahoo Id and I'll reply with my new Yahoo Id that I'm using.
  • I will not IM you (as a norm), therefore, each time you come online, you will have to IM me, that way I know you are still interested and wish to proceed.
  • If I haven't heard from you in a week's time, I will assume that you have lost or never really were interested in me and I will remove you from my list.
Old news:

  • I had a great visit with my dad over the Labor Day weekend. We went over pictures of family that went back to the 1800s. Pictures of my great great Grand dad and mom. Discovered that nearly all the males on my dad's side of the family were in the armed forces, army, navy and marines. My son will be in the Air Force.
  • I will not be online much from 7/28/2008 to 8/5/2008
Hello, thanks for visiting my profile (This Blog), however, so as not to waste your time, if you are not a girl (born female) who wants and is ready to marry a man in his fifties then don't bother reading this profile and move on. I am not accepting any more friends on here, I have plenty already. Besides, when I find and marry the one I'm looking for, I will delete all my Yahoo accounts and no longer visit here, for instead, it will be my wife my time will be spent on.

Yes, I am real and I am really here looking for a wife. I am very picky, so the advantage of NOT being desperate enables me to wait, even a long time, to find the one right for me. I may find her soon, or it may take months or even years. Rest assured, I'll be here looking until I find her.

I am a 53 year old Caucasian male. I'm usually guessed to be 10 to 15 years younger than I really am. I live near Sacramento California. I was married once, 20 plus years. I haven't kissed a girl since being divorced over three years ago. I don't engage in sexual activities outside of marriage. I'm Disease free.

For the very few of you who are real and are potentially seriously interested, please forgive my anger expressed herein and leveled at the hundreds of posers, players and illiterates that IM me pretending to be girls who are seriously interested in me. Because most that IM me claiming to be seriously interested are posers and players and are just as convincing as the very few that are real, until I have received from you the required proof pictures, I will consider you to be a poser or player. The sending of the proof pictures will confirm all that you have stated to be true and sincere. I'm sorry I have to go this route, but the multitude of posers and players IMing me leave me no choice.

*** Extremely Important ***

The careful reading, comprehending and retaining of what you read in this profile is extremely important, especially if it comes about that you find yourself seriously interested in me and do as instructed to initiate the interview process. I will be asking you questions where your answers will clearly show me whether or not you read, comprehended and retained what you read herein. It has become very clear to me that many who properly initiate the interview process did not read, but rather scanned, this profile and had they carefully read it, they would never have initiated the interview process for they would have discovered that they are NOT what I want or I am NOT what they want. So, if after you scan or quickly read this profile and believe yourself to be seriously interested, re-read this profile one or two more times very carefully before initiating the interview process. I spent a lot of time writing and revising this profile so that neither of us will needlessly waste each other's time. If the careful reading, comprehending and retaining of what applies to you is not worth your time, then you are not worth my time, so please just go away! If I find that you did not carefully read, comprehend and retain the parts of this profile that pertain to you, I will simply state something like: "It is clear that you did not carefully read, comprehend and retain what I stated in my profile, you are now iggied." Iggied means that you are put on my ignore list so that I no longer receive messages from you.


I will come across as very rude and harsh if you attempt to engage in any dialog with me before you have read my profile and have done as it instructs. If you cannot do as it instructs, then you either don’t have the required comprehension skills necessary to ascertain that which is required of you to do or you are not sure of what you want or I am not what you want, whatever the case is, don’t bother me, I’ll just send you away and if I have to, I’ll iggy you. Once you are iggied, you will have to create a new ID if you want to try this again.

Read carefully: If you IM me having not done as instructed in this profile, you will receive the first of three standard messages identified as [Msg 1 of 3]. If you IM me a second time without having done as instructed, you will receive the second of three standard messages identified as [Msg 2 of 3]. If you IM me a third time without having done as instructed, will receive the final message identified as [Msg 3 of 3] and you will be iggied. Because, as a software engineer, I have automated this whole process, I generally do not read messages you send until you have done as instructed in this profile. So, you can receive Msg 1 of 3, Msg 2 of 3 and Msg 3 of 3 and be iggied without me ever having read a message from you. If this is not clear enough, I would not want you anyway, you are too illiterate.

Again, I am sorry for being this way, but I’ve had enough of posers and players and I do this to spend as little time as possible on them.. If you've been here any length of time, you know what I mean. If not, you soon will.

Quick Disqualification List

Now, if possible, let’s quickly get rid of all you posers, players, illiterates, and girls that are not serious or don’t qualify, which is about 99.9% of you who IM me. If ANY of the following are TRUE of you, then immediately STOP reading and move on to someone else, I simply would not be interested in you, not one bit:

  1. You were born male. It is so disgusting, the number of males that think I should be interested in them because they cross dress or had a gender changing operation. YUK!!!
  2. Though born female, you want to be male.
  3. You think this profile is too long to read. Wait until the next revision. LOL (Laughing Out Loud)
  4. You do not have the comprehension skills necessary to ascertain what this profile instructs you to do if seriously interested in me.
  5. You cannot or will not do as instructed in this profile.
  6. You cuss/swear and/or have a potty mouth.
  7. You are not thin or slim.
  8. You smoke or do drugs.
  9. You drink more than a glass of wine a day or drink any other liquor.
  10. You cannot walk seven (7) miles non-stop averaging 1 mile per 20 minutes and without drinking or eating anything during the walk.
  11. You have to go to the bathroom more than once during a four hour date where we first have dinner at a restaurant then see a movie.
  12. Your attitude is not respectful, humble and kind.
  13. You have any communicable diseases.
  14. You are looking for a well to do man who will provide you with a life of little work and lots of leisure and play. I am not looking for a whore, I am not a "Sugar Daddy". All girls seeking a "Sugar Daddy" are whores.
  15. You are a party girl or one that craves attention or has to be the center of attention.
  16. Staying in fashion is important to you.
  17. You are a vegetarian, that is, you do not eat meat or fish.
  18. You have an unhealthy love of animals, you believe they have a soul, you give them equal or more importance than people.
  19. You desire to pursue your own career, even after marriage.
Quick Qualification List

Besides those things that can be ascertained from the "Quick Disqualification List" above, the following is a list of things I seek in my future wife.

  1. My preferred height for my wife is between 5'4" (162 cm) to 5'8" (172 cm). However, if you are very thin, shorter is fine, and taller is fine if you are slim.
  2. Though most men like large breasts, I don't. The larger the breasts, the more I'm turned off romantically. Bra size 32 B is my preferred, but any size up to 36 C, depends on your height, is good. Any larger than that will depend on the rest of you. I've seen women with 36 Ds that are fine. But if you are in the 40 Ds and above, forget it, a total turn off for me romantically.
  3. Weight wise, for the following heights, the indicated weights, give or take 10 pounds, are generally best. However, depending on your build, an acceptable weight may be quite different. For example, I have heavy bones, in high school, I was 20 pounds over what the charts said I should be, but there was no fat on me whatsoever. I've known girls that were very slim but weighed more than the average girl her height and build:
    1. 5'0" - 90 lbs
    2. 5'4" - 120 lbs
    3. 5'8" - 140 lbs
  4. You are under thirty years old. My preferred range is between 24 and 29 for such girls have generally finished their formal education and have a good idea of what they want for themselves in life. However, I will consider younger and older. If you over 29, you will have to be pretty and slim.
  5. You have no children, will not have children and do not want children. I have already raised four wonderful children and do not wish to raise anymore.
  6. Sorry, but when it comes to turning me on, light chocolate to white skin color is needed. However, there are exceptions for darker skin, but they have to be very beautiful.
  7. As my wife, you will have no desire for a career of your own, since as my wife your career will be working side by side with me starting and running our own businesses (Yes, I’ve started and ran my own successful businesses in the past). Only my future wife and me will know the details of the businesses until they are started. All you will know now is that they will be financial in nature, they will help others financially.
  8. You are a hard worker. My wife to be and I will work hard together, play hard, rest well, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Our work will have us traveling all around America. The fruits of our labor will enable us to travel around the world if we choose.
  9. You are content in humble circumstances. My future wife and I will live humbly at first and as our businesses grow and flourish, so will our lifestyle. Therefore, if you are looking for an easy life of play and leisure then I am not the one for you. This eliminates virtually all girls of well to do parents for such girls are used to getting everything they want and have an expectation of instant gratification. My joy will come from watching my wife’s enthusiasm and excitement of growing businesses that provides the financial freedoms to do the things she so desires to do.
  10. You must be able to get yourself, at your own expense, to anywhere in America.
  11. NO FOREIGN WOMEN UNLESS you can get yourself to America at your own expense. I will not help you financially so don't ask. I will not go to your country except for a vacation sometime after we have been married.
  12. You like the outdoors and such things as hiking in the mountains to walking on the beach, volley ball, tennis, rollerblading, ice skating, skiing – snow and water, and the like.
I am not looking for the perfect girl, she does not exist, just one who is perfect for me.

If you are younger than eighteen or presenting someone to me that is younger than eighteen (such as a daughter, sister, niece, etc.), I know you are someone pretending to be or know of such a girl, either the girl pictured in your profile or the girl in the pictures you may want to send me. NO! The picture in your profile nor the pictures you send me do not prove anything unless in the clothes and poses I instruct, which of course you will never do because you are a fake.

I will not form any emotional attachment to you until after you have proven to me that you are real and serious by having proof pictures taken of yourself in the clothes and poses I instruct. Those instructions will be emailed to you when I have interviewed you sufficiently to know that you are one I am very interested in and I believe you are seriously interested in me.

You are not to ask me any questions until I say you can. I first want to determine as quickly as possible if you are someone I'd be interested in. I do that by asking you a lot of questions and seeing your answers. I will be asking numerous questions designed to uncover, if they exist, those qualities and characteristics I want or do not want in my future wife.


I’m looking for that special someone to love with passion and care for the rest of my life. She will be my greatest treasure, the one that occupies my thoughts and is always there in the back of my mind. She will be my home and resting place. We will be as one, using our individual differences for the strengthening of our unity.

Your heart, mind and soul are indeed the most important to me and will be thoroughly investigated during the interview process, however, what you look like is important too. So, be prepared, as the interview process continues and I find that I like what I see inside, I’m eventually going to want to see the package as well. If you don’t like it, then there is no need for you to read any further, just close this profile and move on.

Though I have done some research into the BDSM life styles, I am not a BDSM master, so when those of you who are subs or slaves IM me, don’t expect me to talk in such style as you are accustomed to hearing from a BDSM master. I don’t cuss/swear or have a potty mouth nor do I speak condescendingly to my women, so if that is what you need, I’m not what you seek.

You will not see any pictures of me until you have proven to me that you are for real and are sincere.


Why young?

There are many reasons:

  1. Older, are more set in their ways and less flexible.
  2. Most my age are unable to keep up with me physically, not talking sexually.
  3. Most women, even those ten years younger than me look older than me. I want a woman who looks younger than me.
  4. Younger women have more spirit and passion.
  5. Most older women have let themselves go, not slim or thin.
  6. Younger women have more energy.
There are many more women than there are men, so there will always be young women without a man, not only that, and unfortunately, most young women learn the hard way, most young men (under 40) are words only and are immature and will leave the woman they previously claimed they’d stay with all their life, often leaving their woman with children to care for, such men are not men, but scum (and these men are the ones IMing me with condescending comments about my profile, truth hurts, doesn’t it you poor excuses for men), and I know there are young women that, either by experience or by learning from others have learned this and as such seek a much older man. Therefore, such a woman I am ready to receive as mine, should she be what I want in all other aspects.

Why don't you look in real life?

Why is it erroneously presumed that I don't? I do, however, I don’t and will not do bars or clubs and I don’t church hop and my work is not the kind that I meet many new people often. So, I seldom meet new women.

Why don't you search on dating sites?

Again, why are erroneous assumptions made? I have and still am on different sites. However, most sites are very limiting on what and how much you can say. Not only that most women on dating sites don’t believe they are to be obedient to their husbands; therefore, looking there is and has been a huge waste of time.

Why don't you go to BDSM sites and post an ad?

Why are presumptuous questions asked? Why not first ask something like "Have you posted ads on BDSM sites?" I did once. All that happened was I got emails from those claiming an interest and in their emails, they wanted me to go to such and such a site to see them. Of course, you had to pay money to join the site. Besides, I am not a master as is known in the BDSM world and am not seeking a girl that wants such a master. I simply want a wife who knows her place and is obedient. I want oneness, unity, harmony in our marriage. I want a woman whose goal is to be praised by God with the same praise God gave Sarah, Abraham’s wife, that is, God praised her for her servant attitude and obedience to her husband even to the point that Sarah called her husband lord and master. Such a woman can scarce be found, even in the Christian community who supposedly believe the Word of God. Scarce can be found a Christian woman that even comes close to receiving the same praise from God as Sarah did.

Why don't I get a foreign woman?

Many women in foreign countries have been raised not only to believe they are to be obedient to their husband, but are obedient to their husbands. I’ve considered that, found that such takes about a year to get her to America after you find her, costs lots of money, and then you can’t be sure she isn’t one of the many that just marry older men to come to America and then after a couple months they divorce their husband. Do your research, the internet is full of men who have done such and got burned. Yes, many men are very happy with their foreign wives. I even know of a couple. But right now, I prefer an American wife, especially one that loves her country.

Why in this chat room?

I am in the chat rooms I am because they are most likely to have women who believe they are to be obedient to their husbands.

Why do you keep reposting your messages over and over again?

My messages post reoccurringly because new people are always entering the room, so if you do not like to see my messages (about four minutes apart), just do what the intelligent ones do, iggy me.

To Those Incapable of Logical Thought
  1. Doing as the stupid do, complain about me in the room, only draws more attention to me, thanks for advertising for me, I encourage you to do it more.
  2. How stupid are those that think I should find what I seek in a very short time. They say stupid things like: “If you haven’t found her yet, you are not going to.” Maybe they can find the girl that is right for them in a day, week, month or maybe a year, but I am very picky, I suspect it will take a very long time before the right girl comes along and reads my message and initiates contact. And contrary to what some like to accuse me of, I am by no means desperate, but rather, very patient, able to keep the fish hook in the water and bide my time knowing that one day, whether tomorrow or years from now, the right girl will come along.
  3. For those of you who criticize, know that most of you are men with empty profiles, that I get just as many complements, if not more, mostly from women, but many from men as well, and most of their profiles are actually filled out. Basically, those that criticize me are those that do not know what they want and are too afraid to put it in writing and make it known, hence their empty profiles.
  4. I know what I want, she is out there, I will find her, and contrary to those of you who say such things as: “Only a desperate or insane woman would what you.”, my woman will be 100 times the woman you could ever hope to obtain for yourself. I’m amazed at how they are so envious over a woman I have yet to obtain.
  5. For those with gutter minds and make false accusations against me, I only want a girl who can legally marry me, so don’t worry, girls under a certain age must get written permission from their guardian to legally marry. There are girls that are intelligent and can legally marry, but are shy and still live at home and whose parents would like to see her get married and will marry her off if possible.
God and Me

I am a true Christian. I am not religious. True Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with the one and only God. Religions are man's attempt to reach God. True Christianity is God reaching down to man. "Man" unless context dictates otherwise, means mankind and is not gender specific. Being one that only wants to believe that which is true, did, from high school till many years after college, investigate these things: 1) Is there a God, does God exist, 2) Did God communicate with us and if so, how did He communicate with us, 3) Is God perfect in His communications with us, 4) What is my responsibility to God.

The material facts and evidences are overwhelming: God does exist. His is alive today and forever. He created us. He inerrantly communicated with us. Our responsibility to Him is real and there are eternal consequences. In my investigations over the years, the one major thing that sets the one and only true God above all the promoted false gods of all other religions is that the one and only true God instructs you to know Him, to investigate Him with no restrictions whatsoever. All leaders of all religions do not want their subjects investigating the veracity of the god they promote. You are simply to believe and trust their promoted god without question and should you dare question their god or the leaders of such god, you are looked down upon. Many religions say, if you want to investigate, only use our preapproved materials, which of course were designed to point to their god. The one and only true God puts no such limitations upon you and is not afraid of you questioning Him. In fact, He prefers that you question Him and His existence, because that means you are a true seeker of God and you will, if you objectively investigate Him, will come to know Him. There are no material facts and evidences against Him. Yes there are manufactured facts and evidences against God, but a true objective investigator will see through them.

An Obedient Wife is NOT the same thing as a Slave

Many have the mistaken idea that because I want an obedient wife, I want a slave. There is a big difference between an obedient wife and a slave. I will only highlight the general points:

  1. A slave has no rights and has no input into how things should be done, no input into future goals, etc. The wife, with proper attitude and respect, freely gives her input into any and all matters and the good husband will consider them, but the husband has the final say. In both cases, the master and husband are totally responsible for the consequences.
  2. A slave must get permission to do anything. The wife may do anything she pleases so long as she isn’t disobeying any commands already given by her husband and what she does maintains unity between her and her husband.
  3. Where the slave and wife are most similar is when they are given a command. In this instance, they are both to obey with all their heart, mind, body and soul with an enthusiastically positive attitude. They are to both obey because they love the one giving the command.
I am looking for a wife, a wife who knows her place as God clearly stipulates in His Word, however, if the right girl wishes to be as a slave to me and treated as such, that I can accept, a master to her I will be, but mind you, I will have some learning to do. What is most important to me is our oneness, our unity, our harmony.

Love, The Misconception (Falling in Love)

I am often asked something similar to, "Don't you want to fall in love?" Ever since Junior High I observed this "falling in love" thing. They claim to be in love in one semester and by the next semester they have fallen out of love, and often one is very hurt and angry at the other. Many times, once the girl gives up her virginity, off the boy goes to plow a new field. Adults fall in love, get married, reality sets in, they fall out of love, then comes divorce, children being the victims. This "falling in love" is NOT love, it is infatuation. It comes, then it goes. Has absolutely nothing to do with real love. Unfortunately, most make their marriage commitment based upon this infatuation and when the infatuation dies, so does their commitment.

Sorry, I don't believe in "Falling in Love". But I will tell you what I do believe. You find that one you can commit the rest of your life to in marriage. That commitment emanates from your mind and character, a choice you make not clouded by the excitement of your current infatuation. You choose to love your spouse for life, no matter what, unconditionally. When such a commitment is made, your heart will follow and you will be in love.

Do NOT Fall in Love with Me until I say so!

If you are the type that can fall in love with a man over the internet, do not fall in love with me until I have declared that I want you to be mine. Until that time, use your mind to determine if I'm the kind of man you want for a husband for life and if you are the kind of girl I want for a wife. Falling in love severely clouds your judgment and I really do not want you to make a mistake. If you start thinking things like, "He is perfect." or "He's the most wonderful man." then go find someone to give you a hard slap across the face and throw an ice cold bucket of water on you. You are not thinking clearly. I tell you right now, I am by no means perfect nor am I all that wonderful. Besides, I have enough of a pride problem, I don't need you adding to it. LOL When you fall in love, you are blind and you build up in your mind such a grandiose view of me that I'm doomed to fail in your eyes once your infatuation has left you and you can again see clearly. I hate the idea of you gasping for breath and thinking: "What have I done." So please, stay objective and know that I am a flawed man just like all the rest. Of course, unlike most men, I know and an willing to admit it. I know you are flawed and we each will end up tolerating things in the other. You need a clear mind to seek out and determine if those things you find are tolerable. I will not change. Do not ever get the idea in your head that I will change. NO! Will not happen. I am who I am.

Love, Sex and the Truth

What I say here will be hated by those whom are engaged in sexual conquest. It certainly is contrary to the corrupt immoral contemporary thought and practice of today. Men profess love to get sex, and women give sex to receive love. In the end, the man gets the sex and the woman is left without love. Sex is not love. Love is commitment. Sex before marriage is conquest for the man, not love. A man who has sex before marriage does not have self control and he will not have self control after marriage either. A man who has sex with a woman he is not married to does not respect that woman. A man who attempts to convinces or seduce a woman into having sex before marriage is a fraud, a deceiver, a liar. A woman who has sex with a man before marriage is gullible and lacks sense and has no self respect, but rather low self esteem. A wise woman will immediately terminate a relationship with a man who as much as hints at having sex before marriage and will get as far from that morally corrupt man as possible. Only an idiot woman will think she can change him, what will happen is that she will fall, have sex before marriage, and once he has conquered her pussy, he will leave to find other pussy to conquer. A man who does not believe he disrespects a woman when having sex with her before being married to her is delusional and utterly stupid, blinded by his own lust.

Lies and Deceit

I hate lies! Plain and simple. The quickest way to terminate the interview process or our relationship, should we get that far, is to lie. If I find that it appears you have lied, I will confront you on the matter to make sure I am not misunderstanding something. But if I find that you indeed lied, that will end it. I hate lies. I am not just talking about saying an untruth, most lies are more subtle. Here are the forms lies come in:

  1. You tell an untruth.
  2. You only tell enough of the truth in such a way that a normal person would make a false assumption or come to a false conclusion.
  3. You know someone believes something to be true that you know is false and you deliberately allow that person to believe that lie by not attempting to inform them of the truth. What they believe after you properly inform them of the truth is not your responsibility. Also, your responsibility is only to those in your circle of acquaintances.
You Must be a Mail Order Type of Bride

If you need a long drawn out relationship before marriage, then I will not be interested. I have no intention of devoting myself to one girl for many months, even a year or more, only to have her get cold feet at the end and not marry me. Therefore, if you are not the mail order type of bride, pass on by.

Being a mail order bride type of man means, after interviewing you for a short period of time, I can, believing all that you have said to be true, decide whether or not you are one I can give my heart to, to love and care for all my life. I have no intention of “building a relationship” here on the internet. Posers and players, which are 99.9% of those who IM me, will take advantage of that to waste my time, as several have already done so. I am no longer allowing it. If within two weeks we haven’t decided that we belong together, then the interview process will be terminated. If that is too short of time for you, then don’t even contact me.

If you don’t know what you want, I can’t help you and I am not going to attempt to convince anyone to be mine. I want a girl that knows what she wants and is able to determine if I am what she wants. My commitment to you is based upon what you have made known during the interview process. If anything you have made known during that time is a lie, the commitment then becomes void and I will terminate the marriage and send you on your way. I hate lies, if you are prone to lie, get away from me. I marry for life, I hate divorce. But I will terminate our marriage if you lied to me during the interview process. The interview process does not end until we are pronounced man and wife. Any and all things I have not discovered about you and which I did not make an inquiry about during the interview process will be accepted, I will take you as I find you. Two examples to demonstrate what I mean:

  1. I always ask if you have any allergies or medical conditions. If you answered “No.” and then after we are married, I find that you do have allergies or a medical condition, that means you lied and I will terminate the marriage and send you on your way. Let me make this clear, the reason the marriage would be terminated is because you lied, not because you have allergies or medical problems. There are allergies and medical problems I’m willing to accept in my mate, but not lying. I hate lying.
  2. I always ask, but let’s assume I didn’t ask any questions that would reveal that you are a vegetarian (which I am not too interested in), then after we marry I discover that you are a vegetarian. Since I didn’t inquire, you didn’t lie, I will accept that as part of the package and a vegetarian you shall remain should you wish it.
Rest assured that my interview is very detailed, designed to uncover all things that I do not wish to have in my mate. But should my interview miss something, then I will accept it and love you whole heartedly anyway. Neither of us are perfect, we both will have our faults, no matter how careful we are, we will both miss something, we shall simply take each other as we find each other so long as no lie has been told.


You must agree to the following contract before I will interview you. Read the following carefully. CONTRACT:

As your wife, I will:

  1. Always love you with all my heart, mind, body and soul.
  2. Always obey you in all things without question or hesitation.
  3. Always be completely loyal and devoted to you and always be kind, humble and respectful.
  4. Always seek to please you in all that I do and say.
  5. Never smoke or take drugs or do anything else that is bad for my mental clarity, health and looks.
  6. Only drink when appropriate and never to excess.
Initiate Interview Process

To start the interview process, you must say and mean: “I may be the girl you want, I have read the contract and I agree to be bound by it as your wife.” I will not chat with you until the above statement is made. If you get one of the standard messages: [STD ? of 3] then you know you did not accurately say what is required.

Note 1: If I do not respond soon, it is because of one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Being a software engineer, I am often working on software development and my mind may be totally focused on the project at hand, so be patient, I'll eventually look at this screen and see your message.
  2. I am very busy with another interview or chatting with a friend and will get to you as soon as I can, so again, be patient.
  3. Yahoo may be having problems or there may be other problems and I simply did not get your message or you are not getting my messages. Do not send me more than two messages without a response from me. Try again another day.
  4. You may have been placed in my ignore list, having been placed there deliberately or by accident. Sometimes, someone is put on the ignore list by accident. So, if I have not responded to you after three different attempts on three different days, you are probably on my ignore list. You will need to get a new Yahoo ID to chat with me.
Note 2: When I do respond, it will be something similar to one of the following in green with its meaning following in black:

  1. Hello, tell me why you think that you may be the girl I want? I am interviewing you, you have my full attention.
  2. Hello, I'm busy, but give me your specs (age, height, weight, bra size)? This means I am busy, so give me the indicated specs and I will either tell you to Add me to your list if you wish and contact me later (in an hour or so, or another day). or Sorry, I would not be interested. I do wish you well, bye. If you receive the former message and I finish what I am involved with, I will IM you.
Steps of the Interview Process

Once you make the above indicated statement, that initiates the interview process. The following is how the interview process normally proceeds:

  1. You initiate by making aforesaid statement that initiates the interview process.

    Note: When you are online, you will have to contact me, I will not contact you. Not contacting me is an indication that you are not as serious about me as I may have been led to believe. And, unless you inform me of such, should you not be online and/or contact me for a week or more, I'll assume you have lost interest and I will remove you from my friend's list.
  2. I ask several questions to ascertain if you are the kind of girl I’d be interested in.
  3. If I find that you are one I’d be interested in, I will ask you to send pictures of yourself. I am not interested in a bunch of pictures, just a few high quality high resolution pictures, preferably in the following poses: a) close up from mid breasts to top of head, front, 45 degree, and side views, b) head to toe shots of you standing, front, 45 degree, and side views, preferably wearing tank top and shorts and nothing on feet or legs, c) any others you’d like me to see.

    I'm often asked if I have a foot fetish because I want pictures of you barefooted. I enjoy the whole woman, from head to toe, and if there is going to be a part of her that is not so pretty, it will be her feet.
  4. If you are pleasing to my sight, we will engage in questions and answers and conversations over the next few days to get to know each other.
  5. If I find that you are the girl I want, I will send you an email containing instructions for you to take pictures of yourself wearing certain clothes and in certain poses. These pictures will prove to me that you are not some man or woman with pictures found on the internet or somewhere else of a young pretty girl whom you are pretending to be and also prove that you are seriously interested in me. Thus far, no one has passed this step. These are the proof pictures.
  6. Once I receive and approve of these proof pictures, I will feel free to allow myself to become emotionally involved with you. We will also talk on the phone and get to know each other in depth.
  7. When I have become convinced that I want you to be mine for life, I will ask you to marry me. If you accept, we will make plans for you to come to me. However, because there is a big difference between saying you will come be mine and actually doing it, I will NOT stop searching for a wife until you are in my arms.

    Though it is highly unlikely that there would be another I'm interested in enough to accept as my wife, I will never have two or more accepted proposals of marriage at the same time, therefore, once I ask you to marry me and you accept, you can be sure that you are the only one and will remain the only one so long as everything is going according to our agreement. However, if you don't come as planned, I will take that as a subsequent rejection of your prior acceptance.
Do I Focus On Just One

Back when I first started looking on the internet and specifically on Yahoo, I was naive and believed everyone was truthful like me. So, when the one I was interviewing said she was seriously interested, I'd believed her. And when we chatted for several days and I became very much interested in her, I would stop posting ads and would not chat with any others. I would be exclusively hers. That's the type of man I am, a devoted man. Well, as things progressed and finding that she kept leading me on, but would never do anything that would prove that she was real and eventually finding out that she was really a man pretending to be a girl, this woke me up. After this happened a few times, I was finding that I was wasting a lot of time on posers and while wasting time on posers, I was wasting time NOT looking for others that may be real and seriously interested. At the beginning, I would chat with a "girl" over a few months being devoted only to her, not looking for or chatting with any others. Now that two years have gone by and having dealt with hundreds of posers and players, which is what Yahoo is mostly filled with, I've changed my methods considerably. I no longer focus just on one "girl" I may be interested in, for no matter how good "she" may be at convincing me "she" is very real and very serious, I have found that "she" can still be a poser or player. So, even if you are very real and very seriously interested in me, until you have sent me the required proof pictures, you could be a poser, and until you are in my arms, you could be a player, therefore, no matter how seriously interested I find myself in you, I will continue searching for a wife until I have one.

I'm often asked: "How close have you come?" There was this one intelligent young pretty thing that I chatted with for over two months and after the first month we talked and texted each other on our cell phones. She is a wonderful girl. Eventually she emailed me her flight itinerary. I waited at the airport. She didn't show. Later, when I finally chatted with her, she got cold feet. I don't see her online anymore. The two months I was chatting, texting and talking with her on the phone I wasn't looking for others. This is one of the reasons I no longer stop looking, no matter how serious I may believe you are. When you are in my arms, then I will believe you are serious enough.

I'm asked: "Why do you not go to them?" Before I came to the knowledge that Yahoo is mostly posers and players, I did go to them. The first one I went to where I was supposed to meet her. Well, after 30 minutes of waiting, she never showed. Then about a month later I met another girl online, and I was to meet her. I informed her of the results of the first girl I was supposed to meet, and she assured me that she was not like her at all, that she really would be there. Well, when I got to the place we were supposed to meet, there was nothing there. I went across the street to a store and asked about the address (which I printed from her message) and the clerk said that that building was torn down almost a year ago. Well, knowing I was had, I waited thirty minutes anyway. Another no show. At that time I decided I was not going to waste my time and money to travel to another city to meet any girl again. However, not too long ago, another girl wanted me to meet her. I was going to that city anyway and so I agreed. I was to pick her up at her house at the specified address. I had her give it to me twice on two different chat sessions. They addresses were identical. Well, this time I went to Google. Guess what? That address did not exist. I went to street view, guess what, the two story home with a basement wasn't there. There was an apartment complex there, but not the same house number. It was the only thing on that block. Well, I didn't say anything. Since I was going to be in that city anyway, thought I'd check it out. Yep, Google was correct. And of course, the girl never showed. As expected. LOL Sorry, I will not go to you, except maybe if you paid for the entire trip, up front. Oh, by the way, after I was supposed to meet them, they never responded to any offline IMs and I haven't seen them online since.

A Bird in the Hand is Worth More than Two in the Bush

Since switching to the method of continuously searching even if I'm very interested in a particular girl, there have been times I've been very much interested in more than one at the same time and have found that one may match what I'm looking for more closely than the other. So, sometimes the scenario arises where I would be completely satisfied with the first girl but then a second girl comes into view that I find fits what I'm looking for more closely and is therefore more desirable. However, I know that the second girl could be a poser or player or if real, could simply lose interest. I say this to let you know, that if you are the second girl and you are very seriously interested in me and I prefer you over the first girl, I will still pursue the first girl as I would pursue any girl, that is, as though there are no other girls in the picture. I would much rather have the first girl than to drop the first girl to focus on the second girl only to find that I lose both. I hope this is making sense. Know this, I will not tell you if there are other girls that are interested in me and/or that I am interested in nor will I tell you if there are others I prefer more or less than you, so do not ask me. As far as you are concerned, you are the only girl I'm interested in, but until you are in my arms, I will still be searching and I could be very much interested in another girl. The girl I will ultimately prefer the most is the one that marries me.

The BDSM Lifestyle

Until joining Yahoo, I never knew of such a lifestyle. Since joining Yahoo, I have chatted with many (probably around a 100 by now) that are involved in this lifestyle. Some are friends I continually chat with. I have found that there are many different levels to this lifestyle, or better put, many various types of lifestyles that all placed by the ignorant under the general heading BDSM. BDSM is not one type of lifestyle nor are all the elements of "B", "D", "S", "M" involved in all lifestyles. Some lifestyle are combinations of various aspects of BDSM to varying degrees. Suffice it to say, I have learned much about the numerous BDSM lifestyles.

My primary goal is to find a wife that knows that she was created for man, that she is to be her husband's helpmate, that she is totally under her husband's authority and is to obey her husband with all her heart, mind, body and soul and that it is her husband that she is devoted to and loyal to and seeks to please with all her being. Such a wife is a Godly Christian wife. Any deviation from this it NOT a Godly Christian wife but is rather a rebellious witch and whore. Most of Christendom is filled with rebellious witch whores.

Though I am not seeking it nor need it, I will, if the one to become my wife desires it or is already involved in it, enter into certain types of lifestyles classified as BDSM, however, I will only be the Master/Dom. I have found that my character will fit very well with being a Master/Dom and that I would have no problem carrying out what Masters/Doms do. I will never be the sub/slave. So, if you become my wife and have a desire or are already in this lifestyle, we will clearly set forth and agree upon the level and limits before entering the lifestyle. Yes, it will be new to me and I will have learning to do, but I am a quick study and will get up to speed quickly.

Multiple Wives

My primary goal is to find one wife. I do not need more than one wife. I will be very happy and content with just one wife. However, I have interviewed many that would like to be one of two or more wives. I have given this serious thought and should I end up with a wife that would like to be one of two or more wives, I have no problem with it whatsoever. There are pros and cons to having multiple wives and I have considered all that have occurred to me. After I find my first wife, I will not seek out another wife. It will be my first wife's responsibility to present prospective wives to me, whom I will interview and decide if I will or will not accept them as a wife. I will be just a picky about them as I am with my first wife. In fact, I'll probably be more picky.

Yes, I hear all you arrogant ignorant Christians out there claiming it is ungodly to have more than one wife. Yes, God prefers a one man one women relationship but God Himself, under certain circumstances, not only allows a man to have multiple wives, but demands it, and nowhere in Scripture can it be found that God comes against multiple wives. King David, the man after God's own heart had multiple wives. King Solomon, the man God blessed with the greatest wisdom of all men had numerous wives. We find in the New Testament that God recognizes multiple wives in the consideration for the qualifications for Elder or Deacon. God says to qualify to become an Elder or Deacon, you must be a one woman type man, the husband of one wife. An Elder or Deacon is to be focused on God's work, not his wives, one wife it too distracting already LOL (laughing Out Loud).

But in America it is illegal to have more than one wife. Well, I can easily prevail in a debate regarding that matter, but that is not my task here. Just suffice it to say, you cannot legally marry more than one wife where the state is the authority giving you permission to marry. I will not be asking the state's permission, for I am not under the authority of any man made government.

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When A Wife Becomes a Whore

God has made it clear, one of the purposes for marriage is for the prevention of sin, namely promiscuous sex, adultery. God gives clear instructions that when it comes to sex, the woman has no authority over her body, and the man has no authority over his body, that is, your partner has absolute authority over your body. Generally, men do not have a problem with this. God also makes it clear that the only reason you can separate sexually, is for the purpose of worshiping God Himself and only when both partners agree to the separation and only for a short specified amount of time. In other words, unless both husband and wife agree for a short specific amount of time to separate for the explicit purpose of worshiping God, neither have authority to withhold them self sexually from their partner. Now, lets clear up a little matter, this absolute authority your spouse has over you sexually is not just physically, it is also all your sexual passion. When your spouse wants you sexually, you are to give him not just your body, but your whole being and passion. You are to love your spouse sexually with all your body, mind, and sole, in other words, with all your passion. Anything less in not full submission and is a breach of your marriage contract automatically invoked when marriage occurs.

The transition into whoredom:

At the beginning of marriage, the above is usually never a problem. And generally never becomes a problem for the man to fulfill. But, as time goes on, the wife starts using her sexual favors as a tool to manipulate the man into giving her what she wants or doing what she wants. First, this shows that the wife is becoming less submissive and more disobedient. But the bottom line is, when the wife demands payment, whether in the form of things (getting her what she wants) or actions (do this or that for her), she has become a whore. She is now being paid for sexual favors. And eventually, the wife's payment for her sexual favors become so costly and/or constant, that the husband, being wise in his spending, starts looking for a less expensive whore, or another woman who has not yet turned into a whore. Of course, when the husband does this, has becomes unfaithful, but, and this is a big but, God makes it clear that when you sin against God, which is what the wife who turns into a whore does, God makes the whore of a wife responsible for causing her husband to stumble. Wives who have become whores are under the unmistaken belief that they share no culpability for their husband's unfaithfulness. It was the wife's unfaithfulness to her husband, by breach of contract, that was the catalyst for her husband's unfaithfulness, and God holds her more accountable than He holds her husband, who has unconditional and unrestricted right to her sexually.

More about God and Me

  1. I am a true Christian.
  2. There is only one God.
  3. God is three persons, the Father, the Son (Jesus the Christ), and the Holy Ghost, in other words, God the Father is God, Jesus the Christ is God, the Holy Ghost (Spirit) is God. They are all God, yet they are all one God.
  4. God created all things, among them, man and women, you and me.
  5. God tells us to know Him, not just believe in Him, but to know Him by observing His creation. In other words, know that He is God by the material facts and evidences presented to you by Him in His creation and in His Word. Unlike all other gods of all other religions, the one and only true God wants you to go outside the teachings of those who promote their god and who would restrict you to only their list of approved books and philosophies and clever answers as proof of their god. The one and only true God is not afraid of you searching Him out as though you were the only person on earth, with no limits on the what, where and how of the search and investigation to know Him.
  6. A test to determine if you are believing in a false god would be to go to your religious leader and ask questions like: "How do you know god is real?", "How do you know the god we worship is not a false god?", "How do you know that the god of the Christian, Hebrew, Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist, etc., is not the true god?", "I need to investigate to make sure I am not believing in a false god, do you have any problems with that?", etc. If your leader is appalled that you would dare question the veracity of his god, or criticizes your faith in any way, or insists that you only use the materials provided by his religion to make such an investigation, you can be assured that you are worshiping a false god, in other words, you are worshipping Satan. The one and only true God is not afraid of an open, unbiased and objective full investigation, nor are those that have come to know the only true God.
  7. I do not just believe in my God, I trust Him completely and I know Him, to the extent I am able to know Him, and I know that He is the one and only true God and that all other gods are false gods, for I have, for many years in my younger days, investigated the veracity of God. All other gods, through their religious leaders, fear an unbiased, objective full investigation into their veracity and will attempt, by many different methods, to deter you from such an investigation, by either attempting to make you feel bad for questioning that god, or your lack of faith or limit the scope of materials by which to investigate that god.
  8. All of use (mankind) have each, individually sinned against God and the punishment for our sin is death, which means everlasting death in the lake of fire where there is horrific pain and lonesomeness for all eternity. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. For the wages of sin is death. Your spirit lives forever, the live and death God speaks of is the type of live you will live after you physically die. You either will live the rest of eternity in the Lake of Fire or with God your savior in Heaven.
  9. God loves us so much, that He provided us a way to be saved from the punishment due us because of our sin.
  10. God the Father sent is only begotten Son, born of a virgin, to live a sinless life among us and at the appointed time, endured the punishment due all of mankind. Jesus the Christ was horrifically beaten, He was unrecognizable as a man, His body torn to shreds, His flesh hanging in flayed strips from his body, His body oozing out blood everywhere. Then He was nailed to the cross, one of the most painful tortures devised by man, and there he hung. Then the most unimaginable pain occurred while He was hanging there on the cross, He cried out to the Father saying: "Why have you forsaken me?" a rhetorical question, Christ Jesus, for the first time in all of eternity, was separated from His Father, the relationship severed, for God the Father had laid upon God the Son all the sins of mankind and God the Father could not look upon His Son. Therein was the greatest torture Christ Jesus bore on our behalf, a pain our imagination could not even have a glimpse of. Yet man did not kill Jesus the Christ. After Christ Jesus bore our punishment, the relationship with His Father was restored and Christ said to the Father: "into your hands I commend my spirit". Christ Jesus' body was buried, He descended to the pits of Hell to conquer for us the sting of death. On the third day He united with His body and rose from the dead appearing to more than five hundred witnesses, then ascended into Heaven where He is now our high priest, our intercessor.
  11. Jesus the Christ paid the penalty for our sins, and God the Father offers to us a pardon from the penalty that is due us. He holds out to you the work of His Son, Jesus the Christ, awaiting your acceptance. The pardon is of no value to those who refuse to accept it. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes (which means trust completely) in Him should not parish, but have eternal life. The wages of sin is death (eternal separation from God in the lake of fire), but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. There is absolutely nothing you can do to save your self. For bay grace you are saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.
  12. Those who are saved by accepting Jesus the Christ into their lives and trusting completely in His work on the Cross will, because of their faith, do good works. Without faith it is impossible to please God, for he who comes to God must believe that He is God and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.


I have been asked about inheritance after I am dead. That causes me wonder about the motive of the one making such an inquiry and if I might live longer if I don’t marry such a one. But, after considering it, it is an important thing to know. The simplified version is, upon my death, my wife's life style will not change. However, my Inheritors will inherit 50% of my premarital assets or their value adjusted for inflation and other factors and a 75% interest in all assets and businesses we accumulate and will be accumulated from those assets and businesses thereafter. After your death, my inheritors will inherit the remaining 50% of my premarital assets and the 75% interest will become their property and the remaining 25% along with all your premarital assets will go to whomever you choose. Protections will be set up so that the assets and businesses my Inheritors will inherit are protected against squander and mismanagement or any other dubious acts. Though my Inheritors will have 75% interest, they have no control unless you demonstrate that they need to take over control. Should you remarry after my death, those you marry will only be entitled to the 25% and your premarital assets and any assets and businesses you and them accumulate that did not initiate from the assets and businesses we accumulated. To make this clearer, if you take one dollar or a million dollars from the businesses we started to start a business with your new husband, my Inheritors automatically have a 75% interest in that new business. As previously stated, protections will be set up so that things like closing down a business we started and then starting a new business with your new husband so that my Inheritors no longer have anything to inherit will be prevented. “Inheritors” is a general term and the specifics of what they will inherit will be in my Will. If you are marrying me to get my assets, that will not happen.

It is a sad thing that I have to consider such things regarding inheritance, but I know there are gold seekers who seek out money to marry rather than the man. Such women I find disgusting, but they are clever and convincing and I may fall prey to one of them, so my children's inheritance will be protected from my blunders.

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So did you tell him you are interested?
I'm not on the market.

The only reason to hook up with this guy is to kill him in his sleep so he doesn't breed.

Interesting you found this than if you weren't looking... HMMMmmmm
Wow! Can't imagine why a catch like that hasn't kissed a girl in 3 years! What a fuckin freak! :rolleyes:
All I've been reading is subconscious cues and interpersonal attraction...
and I just happened to get a look at this...
Makes me actually support Eugenics...
Kacinski of BDSM freaks...
All I've been reading is subconscious cues and interpersonal attraction...
and I just happened to get a look at this...
Makes me actually support Eugenics...
Kacinski of BDSM freaks...

Man, you need to pick up a gameboy and dumb yourself down every once in a while.
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