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  • Hey Bro, wanted to wish you a Happy New Year's!!! Hope you enjoy it. My dad passed away thanksgiving weekend by the way from cancer. Hoping for a better year coming up. Take care.
    i read it bro. you were correct in the fact that around 90% of it was right.
    i'll tell you more about it in an email.
    this is almost the exact bag I have except mines vertical instead of horizontal....

    I highly recommend the brand either way Targus TSM068US EcoSmart Grove Messenger for 15.4-Inch Laptops (Olive): Electronics
    Pac vs. Margarito - I see Pac winning by points or a KO. Margo is over. I missed the Jacobs fight. That was a good win for JMM. Diaz is still young so he will bounce back. IMO he will not be an ATG like JMM though. I would like to see another JMM Pac fight!

    Also I think Green is a bad choice for the Super 6. Bute should have done it.
    well at least tell people she loves em. It would be nice for the board, and certain people whom I'm sure you can guess, to see that these shoes are awesome and aren't some gay fad. I know there's other people here who have em but they keep it we're back in fucking high school and they don't want to be made fun of by the cool kids. This place is a joke sometimes.
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