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Need help, wife wants a baby and i been on the sauce/steroids a while

Why are you not being upfront and honest with your wife? She needs to know what is going on. She will divorce you if you cannot do the job, I've seen it before.
if your life loves you and you are the true GOAT in your marriage Then she will be understanding if you can't produce any sperm.
You will not produce sperm if you are on steroids. You need to come off of everything and then work with your doctor on a protocol for fertility.
run a bunch of hcg and clomid
I have bodybuilder friends who still have babies even on steroids for years.
BM is A one-in-a-million type of situation. The truth is the more you use steroids, the less sperm you produce, that's just how it is.
You should always be honest... when you get married, the entire basis is that you can share everything and be yourself no matter what.. i had to have this conversation with my wife and everything was just fine...

obviously coming off is the first key to this however i have seen plenty of people on trt still fix this.. the stack you will be told by a fertility clinic is hcg and clomid, which will not do it.. it may slightly increase your chance but HMG is the key to that stack.. the THREE of them is the stack you need to make this work but they wont tell you about nor prescribe the HMG for you
My wife who is 33 already knows that i’m (42) on testosterone replacement therapy. just when we met about 6 years ago and I told her about why I have needles she already had dated people who were using creams and all that for their own trt. So it wasn’t a big deal as long as it didn’t get carried over to her
however she was not aware that I was using Other steroids as well
anyway long story short I am not producing any sperm according to the sperm testing i have done
I already have children. I have two teenagers who are in their prime crazy years. and they are a couple years away from going to college where it will cost me already a fortune. I really don't want a baby and I don't want to break her heart either and tell her that I can't produce sperm
what would you do in my situation? should I come off everything and try to get my sperm count up? or should I just be upfront with her and tell her that I have no sperm and see how she reacts. my biggest fear is that she will divorce me since I cannot give her a child
If you don't want more children why don't you have a conversation with her and explain your feelings? Explain to her that it may be difficult to get fertile again and what you will have to go through to try to make it happen which may not be 100%.
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