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can primo really bulk you up? has the best steroids you will find
i suggest deca over primo though for bulking
A friend of mine put on about 20 pounds recently and I asked him what he was on and he said primo.
I thought that was weird it because all of my research shows that Primo is a good cutter but not good for bulking
it got me interested in wanting to try it to bulk up as well
have any of you had any success bulking on it and do you think I should do 1000 milligrams a week for best results?
I’m in my late 20s and I’m 175 pounds
FYI, his primo could have been fake. 20lbs of good tissue is unlikely in one cycle. unless he is a genetic freak. Take his claims with a grain of salt. Primo is good for bulking but it is more of a slow bulk. It's not like other compounds like dbol that will blow you up with water.
your friend did not gain 20 lbs on primo.. thats just completely and utterly a lie and false... no steroid will make you gain 20 lbs... you may gain it in water weight, but not actual weight and it will come off.. not to mention, primo would never have that ability whatsoever on its own

beyond that, you are just making up and throwing out arbitrary dosing numbers that are careless, reckless and show your immaturity and ignorance which point out you have less than zero business having the word steroids in your vocabulary
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