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Approved Log My Testosterone Masteron proprionate cycle log

whatever you decide to do definitely keep it going with the log
this way you can go back and see how you reacted to it
highly recommend you run more test here
especially with masteron so you get more synergy
test is fine. if you want to add mast that is fine

dosing you can always do 250 test and 350 mast to start
Thanks guys, and what about my objective..(pictures) It is realist in only 10 to 12 weeks ?
Prob not. This is not a quick endeavor. I'm sure if your diet and training are 100% on point during the cycle you will male great strides but that physique will take time to build. I'll also echo what the other guys are saying and up the test dose. 350mg/wk minimum.
IIMO, 500mk/wk test and drop the masteron. It's not needed at this point.
You need to put some size on before you can cut down to look like the pic.
Ok.. so here is a picure of me at gym right now.. I will post another after I start my cycle to see the difference.. I will probably start next week or the week after.. I will post my training program soon here too.
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