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Approved Log My Testosterone Masteron proprionate cycle log

Hi guys, as requested here is my log for my future cycle of Test + Masteron. Its the first time I do a log so I will try my best to share you and tell you more about me. so lets start from beginning.

I am now 40 years old, weight 165lbs for 5'10". My first experience in training started at 17 years old when I enroled in the Canadian army. My father is Canadian and my mother is Russian, we always lived in Canada. I trained alot at that time, like 6 or 7 days a week from age 17 to 27, and had a routine, plan meal. I was at my top at that time, weighted 190lbs of pure solid muscle with like 8% bodyfat, all natural. I was taking supplement like creatine and things like that, but never touched steroid. It was good old time.

Then at 27, I had some familial issue and stopped everything, fall under depression and started to drink alcool, about 12 to 20 consommation per day. I never had health problem tho. I stopped drinking about 6 months ago and started training again, after 12 years stopping. Here is where I am now in my life, trying to get back.

I have a very high metabolism, taking fat is very hard for me, even If I eat crap I dont take weight.

Here is the pictures of me now:
View attachment 143055View attachment 143056View attachment 143057

And here is a picture of the body I want:

View attachment 143058

Just so you know I have alot work to do lol.

I have good experience in training so here is what I plan to do for my cycle, but I am new to steroid so I need your comment and advices.

Sleep: About 8 hour per day
Training: 4 times a week, 2 body part per day + bicep each day for fun.
Meal plan: Nothing planned for now, but will have at least 120gr of proteins per day.
Cardio: 15 to 20 min run 4 times a week.
Age: 40
Height: 5'10
Weight: 165 lbs

Steroid cycle (10 weeks)
- Test prop 50mg each 2 day (175mg per week)
- Masteron prop 50mg each 2 day (175 mg per week)
- I also have anastrozole pills but I dont think I will use it.
- Creatine: 5mg per day
- Glutamine: 5 mg per day
- Fish oil each day
- Aspirin each day
- Multivitamin each day
- Proteins shake 3x per day
- Pre-Workout each training day.

I dont know if the dosage is enought to see a real difference, I will let you guys tell me..

Some asked me why I use prop... simply because my traînor sold me that, I am not sure about all product that she can have since it is not legal in Canada.. also I do what I can with the money I have, so thanks for understanding. Here is pictures of the product:

View attachment 143059
View attachment 143061

I dont know if it is good for a LOG since its my first time doing this so... let me know.

My goal is to have the body in the picture for July and increase my self esteem since I loosed it through all time years.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks alot guys!

Never seen that gear but those are nice bottles
Wow, putting yourself through drinking and eating bad, you still look to be in good shape! Glad you are turning back to training and diet now. I am really excited to follow this log.
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