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  • Hey U, how is that Mac action? My mom needed a new phone, and wanted a 3G, so I just gave the her the one they gave me as a gift last year and she upgraded it yesterday. Did U upgrade? Also I'm gonna pm U pics of my dream home across the street from my parents home. My next research project doesn't start till Feb. 24th, and they wouldn't let me bum it Kato Kaelin style in the guest house. I was gettin comfy too... LOL. Gimme a minute on uploading the LV pics. I'm hoping U had that similar moment of encompassing tranquility, and well bliss, that moment of silence that U described to me one night years ago while watching fireworks being shot over the beach, on a quiet night. I imagined it felt like being kissed by space. Just that like free, and boundless, and light.
    Okay i'm in the ritz snobbleton lake las vegas, so wishing i was with the honey instead. Man i just want this to pass.... The poem was right on the money with how i'm feeling and how this year has passed. Anyway hope u are having a better, more festive new years than me.
    Hope U had a tranquil Christmas V.
    Hey, I'm gonna be in New York like on Jan 23 to Jan 26.
    I'm gonna meet some of the NYCers.
    Would love to have a cup of Coffee.
    Either way, I know this year was kindofa rougher one on ya.
    However, I got the feelin 09 will be more tranquil and alot betta healthwise, heartwise, and just less of the turbulence that u had to abide in.
    Lata V.
    Check Your PM's V.
    Haven't read your post but, U can relate to the Font I hoist up. Now that U got the Mac... it superhuge no. I know that fellow Mac users notice our font is so much bigger when U enlarge than PCs. I just got a 15 inch Mac book Pro refurb. Aren't the graphix spectacular.
    Don't U feel now like, why on Earth would anyone ever go with less other than cost. I mean if U want value: Dell, but if U wanna Benz... only way to go, no? Yeah I have some stories that I would like to share with U about the other stuff, but its best not talk about things I do not fully understand, nor am ready to deal with, ya know?
    Just letting U know for all the great advice U have given me, and just U being U.
    U made the Christmas list easily.
    Thanx V.
    I forgot to tell you because of some drama that I was cloaked in at the time, and feelin overwhelmed too cause I was late on grading some shit, but at the time, You did it again. This would've been right around Halloween. Today, I was reviewing this shit for a class TAing and U came to the forefront of mind. The thing U have done like 3 separate occasions is throw something at me that was timed perfectly, U know what I'm talkin bout. A synchronous drop that U embodied in the timeline we share. I love it.

    U dropped the tip, 'It's what we experience, not what we believe'. I got your cryptic message perfectly too. How could I not appreciate and take solace in the fact that some one I value and look up to threw me that line at that moment. Thanx.

    This is the concept I was checking out when I thought of U.

    We tend to replace the search for for 'real knowledge' with the acceptance of a belief, and these beliefs work to cut off access to direct knowledge of experience. We do this based on the belief that we ourselves lack access to the knowledge we need. Beliefs, arguably carry knowledge, but we have no access to that knowledge, because we are caught up in our limits. We accept a substitute for knowledge that will give us no access to knowledge, unless we can find a way to discover for ourselves the knowledge the belief embodies.

    Same thing U are sayin V.
    As always, U rawk.
    Tell me that you'll always stand by me forever
    You're the hidden treasure destiny has found

    Tell me that you'll always chase away the demons
    You're the only reason that I am still around

    Through this tunnel of love
    I've been trying to see my way to the horizons
    When the night is long, your sweet voice
    Carries me to the skies

    (Tell me) that you'll always hold my hand forever
    Never to surrender, the dream we're fighting for

    Tell me that you'll always be my superstition
    You're the one condition that I've been waiting for

    [Tell me] that you'll always write me secret letters
    Sleep under the moonlight, dance under the stars

    [Tell me] that you're gonna kiss me in the morning
    Peaceful easy feeling, together we are one

    Tell me that we're gonna brave the storms together
    There is nothing better than love under the sun
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