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Natty Teen Cutting diet/training need inputs


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Hey all,

I'm on my second week of this cut and it's going great. I started at 85kg 13-14 percent bf and now 83kg and reads 12 percent bf. I'm following a diet and training protocol that I've made myself, and seems to be going great. Any inputs on tips for my cut or anything else would be greatly appreciated .

16 years old
Weight: 83kg (fluctuating)
Bf: 12% (looking to get into the single digits)
Arms: 16"
Legs: 24 inches

All I measured ahahah

Diet looks like this:

Meal 1:
1 serving of EHP LABS oxy shred
3 fish oil
1 multivitamin
7 egg whites
60g of Bacon
160g of mixed berries

Total- Protein: 50g Carbs: 12 g Fats: 29 g
Cal: 550

Meal 2:
100g Chicken Breast
4 slices of whole wheat bread

Total- Protein: 32 g Carbs: 48 g Fats: 5 g
Cal: 332

Meal 3:
70g Chieck Breast
1/2 a tomato
100g of Sweet potatoe
20 g of bacon

Total- Protein: 28 g Carbs: 23 g Fats: 24 g
Cal: 420

Meal 4:
190g Chicken Breast
1/3 cup of brown rice

Total- Protein: 29g Carbs: 48 g Fats: 4 g
Cal: 424

Meal 5: (choice)
180g Chicken Breast
100g of Mixed vegtables
100g of sweet potatoe
3 bacon Strips

Total- Protein: 32 grams Carbs: 33 grams Fats: 26 grams
Cal: 494


Meal 5:
2x 145g of pink salmon
150g of sweet potato

Total- Protein: 60g Carbs: 30g Fats: 10g
Cal: 465

Meal 6:
200g of low fat cottage cheese
2 slices of whole meal toast
1 table spoon of peanut butter

Total-cal: 407 Protein: 36 g Carbs: 32 grams Fats: 15 grams.

Total Macronutrients:
Calories: 2550
Protein: 202
Carbs: 196
Fats: 98

Doing HIIT cardio 2-3 times a week. One of them being fasted.

Weight lifting is a mixture of high volume and superset/drop sets/giant sets to really burn out. Weight train 4 days a week (my prefered)
in on answers. im not tracking macros much but still losing? wtf? went from 195 down to 181-183 ish. gaining vascularity and seeing new striations and junk. still have a solid 10lbs of fat to lose. daily macros are somewhere around 190-230 grams of prot 2300-2500 cals carbs are low 100-200g varies, not sure of fat, probably low since no egg yolk/fat meats
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