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Approved Log On the road of redemption cutting phase starting now

if you can't decide between Primo and equipoise why not run both LOL
Lmao, good point, I felt I needed to up the cycle for my second go around and honestly, I feel primo and eq combined will create a synergy and really bring the cycle together.
you will get outstanding results for sure it's a bit stronger than the last one you did
Yeah my goal over time is start mild and work my way through the compounds that are very user friendly and align with my goals, I felt it was necessary I ramp up a bit more my second time around to get a feel for how I will respond mentally and physically.
we are looking forward to the cycle it looks very juicy
I feel I will definitely see a good boost in strength, even more so then my first cycle, we will see what happens, I am excited to find out.
Saturday December 9 2023

My weight seems it is holding steady at 220lbs not sure why my body likes this weight but it does.

I definitely feel in certain aspects I've filled parts of my frame out more which Is a good thing.

In many ways my cut feels like a recomp and maybe that is a good thing putting on muscle a little at time and keeping cardio constant, im not getting fatter and I'm never going above 220lbs , a recomp might be super beneficial before a hard cut especially with cycling.

I am unclear when my package will arrive as I ordered it a few days ago earlier in the week and it's international, so with that and with Xmas right around the corner the cycle will probably be starting later than anticipated, sorry for the delay everyone.

Let me make it clear so we all are on the same page it is not the sources fault we all know shipping plus business and holiday season is crazy for people so I don't mind be patient and waiting longer not a problem at all.

I am just thankful and appreciative i get this opportunity yet agsin to represent a great souce and excellent brand. I am pumped to go to work as soon as I have it in my possession 😎

I haven't received a tracking number ad of yet, once I do I will let everyone know and update all of you, sometimes u don't even get one so I will just anticipate with international and holidays maybe 4-6 weeks because of holiday for package to arrive.

With my next cycle I'm the pipe line I'm constantly thinking about it the new log and putting pressure on myself to not let myself down or our community, some might feel it's stupid, for me it's important if I do something I must do it right an while adding pressure on myself is stressful at times, it is also necessary because that is when I perform at my best so I need it in many ways.

Enjoy the update
Topps 💪

I will be combining my last few days of workouts in this post I did not do these all in one day these are separate days.


Machine shoulder press

Front delt raises

Side delt raises

Rear Delt Machine


Rear delt Flys

Duration 45 minutes
Miles 1.80
Speed 2.6
Calories burned 370


Seated machine row

Lat pulldown machine

Upright row

Bentover row

Seated one arm Machine Row

Duration 50 minutes
Speed 2.9
Miles 2.20
Incline 10.0
Calories burned 415

Cable Flys ( 4 different variations for upper/middle/lower parts of the chest)


Dips Bodyweight

Pec deck

Incline DB Press

Duration 60 minutes
Incline 10.5
Speed 2.9
Distance 2.30
Calories burned 450
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