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Approved Log My Testosterone, Primobolan, Anavar, HGH Cycle Log

I wonder if there is a way to reverse it so we can see what's on that board behind you
nice job on the posing
stomach is looking nice and flat much respect
oil up and get a tan and you'll be smoking
Have spent most of the week out of training due to the flu, went in this morning fasted to hit shoulders with no plan just to get in there.

DB shoulder press 40kgx10- built up to one top set
Machine shoulder press 80kgx12- 2 sets
Standing unilateral side raises 22.5x10- 2 sets
Seated side raises 12.5kg x20- 3 sets
Face pulls 50kgx15 3 sets

Bw was 89.5kg this morning. Will be back on training plan from tomorrow
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