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Approved Log My log for second Cycle testosterone primobolan

If it was true that you'd lose gains by not staying on then everyone that's both had time off and done a PCT OR trained naturally would never get bigger. The reason why those that lose gains made on cycle (and obviously no one keeps ALL the gains) is they fail to adjust both training or diet to suit the new size/muscle/gains. Simply put doing what you did BEFORE again after is obviously gonna make you lose muscle etc. Even using test without the food or stimulus does little. If you DID include some stimulus and ate a little more - even when bridging - you'd keep more. You suggest eating less, to have a rest, keeps muscle. I GET that you wont be kicking quite as much ass in the gym on less. That's ok. No one, on or off, canm go balls out, as it were, all the time.

Forget the stomach load thing. You really do NOT need to eat that much more food to grow. And you'll need to eat a bit more (see above) than before the cycle anyway. Plus your idea suggests that it's ok not to eat more (a little remember) and to rest the CNS (ok but again a little more stimulus to keep the new muscle) but to CONTINUE to suppress the ability to produce your own testosterone... that's a no. And, as has been pointed out, HCG plumps the balls and yet you're still not producing any off (or very little) your own test.

I've written on the stupidity of bridging. Again and again those who think it's a good idea, eps those (as per your own suggestion in an earlier reply) who might want to maintain fertility in case they want kids (or more kids) will moan they they fu*ked themselves and wished they'd listened. You can find threads like that on EVERY forum.

I also asked (not angrily lol) why 16 weeks for an average Joe is a good idea... then staying on (aka doing a bridge). It makes a LOT more sense to do short cycles with proper off time and PCT's than staying on cycle for a 1/3rd of the year and then staying on. So address why the 16 weeks too

Finally Stevesmi pointed out that the research does NOT support use. What research used athletes using PEDs at far above medical use levels and or those same athletes choosing to stay on. NONE. So you can and have shown how HCG worked in 1 example but not how you suggest you wanna use it. Ergo pointless. There are very few examples of ANY studies where they actually monitor what you do (most that are close ASK you) and use anything close to PED use levels. And then NONE where that includes following up PED use with HCG use.

On the food thing: the reason why most gym trainees wanting to grow don't is 1) they don't train with the intensity required (they just think they do), 2) a poor diet only eating properly..., cue shock... when on PEDs... when they gain!! Then... lord help us... eat less off and lose their gains... well d'uh. When 'on' they lift more, do more reps and eat more = gains!! Ditto doing the same and expecting more. Even the plateau thing is over done. Look around your gym and count how many are actually kicking butt and growing.
I agree with you completely. And thank you for your words.
About the Cycle length and going on Pct: I did not consider this option, I decided after 16 weeks to go on trt doses for retention and rest 4-8 weeks. Maybe I will have some changes in my life and then I will go on short ether like propionate and go on Pct. Tnx a lot .
if you are looking for a bridge in between cycles that would actually work and be beneficial then sarms would the answer and/or peptides...

i can help with a layout if you would like


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Unfortunately the link doesn't show up.
I would say that I don't know anything about peptides and I am interested in this topic.
I figured out what the problem is, the system administrator put a block on YouTube. That's why I can't see
Thanks more , I will definitely watch your videos . I have already familiarized myself with some of them.
16 weeks on is a harder recovery

hcg will make it even harder to recover

you are best doing the perfect pct.
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