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Approved Log My Deca Durabolin Testosterone Cypionate Masteron Cycle Log

I wouldn't worry about it
focus more on correct injecting techniques
you've got to make sure you rotate your muscles
that is what gets a lot of people in trouble
What should I add in mastron or Anavar I don’t have much body fat, also the bigger I get the more I’m loosing my abs how to fix that?
@RiverRat1220 since you have this log going going to answer your question here

I havent seen your updated pics this week so how much bodyfat you have bro? can you post a pic :)

I would add anavar and proviron to Deca with n2guard
but lets see
asked you for diet training updates NOTHING bro no updates :( makes us sad

can you actually update your log and get details up?
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