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Approved Log My Deca Durabolin Testosterone Cypionate Masteron Cycle Log

the objective is to gain muscle without gaining fat. that is the challenge of bodybuilding man. nobody said it would be easy

i would do some fasted cardio
My blood pressure has been outrageous for 2 days after pin any suggestions it’s average is 171 over 96 I even got one that was 204 over 99 I was thinking of maybe pinning twice a week bc it only does this the day I pin and after or it could be the oral Anavar not sure anybody got any advice?
@RiverRat1220 since you have this log going going to answer your question here

I havent seen your updated pics this week so how much bodyfat you have bro? can you post a pic :)

I would add anavar and proviron to Deca with n2guard
but lets see
asked you for diet training updates NOTHING bro no updates :( makes us sad

can you actually update your log and get details up?
Ima update tomorrow promise ☺️🤪
it's possible you could be allergic to the gear
and in that case it's causing your numbers to spike
heart health is definitely a problem especially for men but also for women as well
you need to be careful you don't want to die of a heart attack before you even hit 50
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