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Approved Log My Cycle Log - history and current status

yo giant make sure that you are not confusing reflux with something else
hey guys sorry for the delay. I honestly dont log my diet and training routine anymore. Im doing this for over 30 years and eating the same exact way for about 20 years. I eat chicken (baked/grilled/boiled), brown rice, egg whites, beans, veggies and thats it. Im boring as fuck. I drink nothing but water.

to be 100% clear. The gear itself is causing the reflux; not the food. I stop the gear and eat my normal diet = no symptoms. I go back on = symptoms.

When this all started in march, it started with a shot that didnt sit well. an hour later, i ended up on the couch sweating with a terrible gas bubble. I ended up with a sever case of gastritis that eventually dissipated. I actually went to the gym later that day. But i was not the same after. Little by little the symptoms got worse over the next 3 months. And always worse after the shot (the day of or the next day). It wasnt synhcing in that it coudl be the gear becuase i never had an issue like this before.

nothing changed in my life for years but this new batch i got. And that first shot that day started it.

I have since taken a break (6 weeks) and let the symptoms disapate. then went back on slowly with a fresh vial of sus/deca (low dose). Slow and steady i seem to be ok, but symptoms came back. always the day of the shot and the next day.

this was out of no where after 20 years of doing the same exact thing. only thing new was this batch.
try a different brand maybe
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