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  • bro, tell me a bit more about your situation...maybe share some just concerned that you may be using lipo as a quick fix...i did this a very last was an expense i didnt need at this was very painful and there is no guarantee that it will come out the way i wanted..ill find that out in 2 months or so after i also concerned that you say glutes and usually dont have problem in those areas.........lets make sure you are eating, training and cycling not a pro but lets make sure you are maximizing you potential through training and dieting first......view lipo as a very last resort....view it as sculpting the final product
    hmm? im comin into some money so if things dont go the way i want it i may go that route. and also do the glutes and hams. thanks bro.
    5800 for lipo on chest and love handles (included sides and lower back).....the 2 others i spoke with wanted 7K and 8K for the same work....this was done in Nassau cnty Long Island (NY)
    hey. how much did the lipo run you? ive been off for three years and am at about where you were before. im wanting to get an idea on cost.
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