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My 11 year old daughter just benched the stack for reps!!


The strength is definitely genetic. If not for injuries, I believe that I would have benched 500 at under 200 lbs. She did 125 on the woman's universal machine easily. She only weighs 70lbs. I use to let her work out and she did a lot of pushups, she could do 30 easily. She hasn't lifted weights in a few years though. She has the potential to be a PL champion, I believe.
She's so much like me, that it's scary. Sometimes I want to beat the crap out of her. Of course, I never would.
WizKid25 said:
Go for it man.. that's awsome. Shell be a champ.

SHe made me workout tonight. I didn't want to. Feeling down from disappointments and tired. She said that I ate too much and needed to workout. She needled me until I gave in. Now I feel 500% better. No better anti-depressant than a good workout.
125lbs is a better bench than 90% of the guys on Elite could pull off.

congrats :)
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