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Approved Log Mobsters UGFreak ParaPharma 1 month Trenbolone cut Log

Busy kinda morning plus hard after a killer leg workout yesterday. @ my gym

Seated Press
Felt good (shoulders loads better at the mo) so...
to 90kg/198lbs x 4 reps (more to come)

Saxon Bar
Gonna slow progression if I stick to the slightly new schedule of 2x a week)
Last 2 sets balance seemed off (might mark the bar with tape) and needed to reset but also it ought to be tough now lol. Can't wait until I'm doing two plates a side x reps
to 92.5kg/203.5lbs x 3 h/o reps, 3 x 3 n/s reps and 4 + 1+ 1 tough reps

Weighed myself (down a few pounds even with a hoody on)
congrats mobster on your sponsor deal
you deserve it
and glad you are enjoying our para pharma products!
mobster good job. i rep a couple Apparel companies too. Your jacket looks really cool
perfect timing on that hoodie now you can have something to wear when it cools down
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