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Approved Log Mobster - back on the grind log

What is your max goal weight I hope you're not going to end up 400 pounds
I can see mobster pushing 350 no problems
Trained with Chris (to 70kg) and Ken (5 sets of 3 x 112.5kg). I was seeing where I am now (post the 195kg effort last week) with a view to seeing where I'd start from on the next training cycle. I also road tested elbow wraps. I ended up on a much bigger number (post cycle) than expected. My right shoulder does feel sore (during and after)

Close Grip Bench Press
to 120kg x 1, 145kg x 3, 150kg x 3, 155kg (mis-load by the guys), 160kg x3 and 165kg x 3. Felt good(ish) so 170kg x 1, 175kg x 1, 180kg x 1 and stopped at 185kg x 1 (not supposed to be able to do this at this point)


LPD/Low Cable Row
(LPD only cos I was waiting for the other machine)
LPD 1/2 stack x 12 reps LCR 1/2 stack x 12, stack x 12 reps

Bwt: nearly 334lbs
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