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Approved Log Log my past present and future goals

Yeah progress pics before middle and end so u can toss up comparison shots for us and yourself to see the improvements
i wanna log my status here to give information about my past and present
in terms of Fitness and steroids

i started working out at the age of 21
without any steroids for about 3 years
then jumped On gear cycle on and off
of the following
test p 100mg eod
eq _100 mg eod
anavar 50mg ed
tren 100 mg eod
hgh 4 ui ED
did also
tbol _ winstrol
sarms however just did gw for very short
for pct
aromasin and clomid and nolva

my training and diet
i did wight training and steady cardio
6 x a week
also kickboxing for 3 days a week
my diet was and still balanced
not a fancy consist of
rice _potatos _bread _fruit for carbs
chicken _beef _ whey protein _eggs _greek yogrhit _ for protien
olive oil_peanut butter _almonds for fats

4 to 5 meals a day around 3500 cals a day
yes sometime there is KFC in between here and there 😑😅 and some cheesecakes 😷

this is before i went off of everthing for 3 years deppression and life issues struggle
after got married and got my 1 year old girl covid issues and bad econmy lost job ects ( not an actuall execuse but my mood and mind was not focus on training)
went from 68 kg to 111 kg in those 3 years body fat so high
my health issues :
i have a deppression and anxiety im on
lexapro 10mg ED
also have hidradenitis suppurativa and it got worst when body fat high
just finshed also a pilonidal sinus surgery im now on ther recovery period feeling alright

however before the surgery i dropped my weight to 100 kg and now my status
100 kg
172 cm
age 32
body fat above 30 %
i did this workout
ED _ kickboxing class for 2 hours at 2 pm
ED _ treadmill walk for 15 _20 min
(cant really run due to calves muscle cramp and may got low level muscle strain)

blood tests
free test
total test

my goal is
stamina for mma and kickboxing
increase strenght + speed = power
durbillity or body conditioning to get hit
increase mobilty
reduce as much bf increase a functional muscle

i would compete in amature mma and kickboxing tournments and local fights
( light heavy weight or heavy weight)

i hope i loged everthing needed to explain and get help on any matter i need

thanks a lot

about the blood test i would update asap
however if i missed any blood test please advice so i can add
this is a great stack here
my currnet pics
not doing any workout this 2 months for surgery recovery i just did last week
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