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Approved Log Log my past present and future goals

sounds like you've been through a lot of ups and downs hopefully you can get things going in the right direction
make sure you detail everything keep track of what's going on with your training so we can adjust things and help you
@TariqMMA good to see you share this log

there are issues here, so tell us clearly are you on cycle now or TRT?

how about diet, its pretty clear but tell us when you eat and what time you eat what

on the training, tell us more info about what you train like

and share a face blurred pictures
a picture of your training
and a few food pics
yes I would take a pics later on

about now I mentioned im on a post surgery recovery for so i do nothing now

however Planing to do similir to before my surgery
but didnt continue due to my need to do the surgery so i did this for a about a month
it was like this :_

my diet timing would be similir to this
7 Am : 4 eggs white 2 whole eggs +100 g oatmeal with 1 cup whole milk 1 banana _ 1 tbls peanut butter
10 Am _ greek yogrit _ 1 banana _

12 pm _ pre workout protien shake

2 pm kickboxing class for 2 hours

4 pm _post workout meal _ a chicken breast burger grilled with protien shake

7 pm _ half grilled chicken _ diet soda

10 pm _ wight training 25 min high rep
split (pull _push _legs _repeat) 6 x week 1 day off

10 :30 pm _ cardio (treadmill walk for 15 min) if can run due to calfs issue

after cardio i do bags work for stamina
1 min hard full power
1 min rest
15 rounds

3 X a week I have
judo and wrestling class at 3 pm to 5 pm

about the TRT no im not on it I plan to have kids if TRT may not help?.

I dont plan to jump on steroids at least to drop my BF % to below 15 % or less
maybe sarms idk

about photo i will share it asap along side with blood test to update my log

I really got need to weight training as it helped me a lot in my game unlike before i did weight training it was like i have no strenght or muscle toughness
other mma or kickboxers who do weight really improve quickly
but dont know the right approuch to it
You - on gear at age 24. Bit too young.

Me - age 37
yes it was a mistake i did
now my concern is about my age i think its very late for my mma game or this what my ex coach told me šŸ˜… would my performnce be as good as a young athlates?? if i jump On gear after droping BF %??
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