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Issue with my libido

i have some ideas of the problem and how to fix it I know the core of it but I need your LOG journal first
Hi guys,
34 years old male, in a good shape training since 2006, 189cm, 120KGS, a decorated powerlifter (last time competed and used cycles was on 2021)
Im on TRT since 2018, very well controlled and blood test done regularly with no issues.
last 6 months I lost my sex drive and libido, no interest in sex at all.
all blood tests are done without anything wrong, E2 in normal range, prolactin in normal range, thyroid without any problem and also testosterone is perfectly on the higher end. all tests done twice with nothing to worry about.
also went to the doctor and couldn't find anything wrong.
I tried proviron 50 mg/day and cialis 5mg/day also didnt find anything usefull from them.
can someone tell me what to check? as I really started to get worry if something is bigger is going on.
what should I do? doctor didnt help at all.
Are you having erection issues as well or just low/no sex drive? Cialis will do nothing for your libido.
It's either phycological(i had that issue for a period) or hormonal. What kind of a doctor are your seeing? GP? Endo? Most docs these days know nothing or very little about hormones/TRT.
Did you have an issue where maybe you lost an erection during sex once or a couple times> I had this happen to me and it really messed with my head. I was so worried about it happening again that it kept happening. Started some anti anxiety meds and cialis 5mg daily and the issue resolved. Once i got my confidence back again i haven't had an issue since.
Your mind plays a bigger part in this than you think.
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