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Tren/Libido/PCT/TRT ADVICE???

I get my labs monthly. My insurance lays pretty well and I get my TRT online so they send me a lab script anytime I ask. My labs are always fine. Prolactin, estrogen, etc, all within normal range. I thought prolactin as well but no. I was sure when I came off the cycle, I’d find something in my labs to account for the sudden drop in libido. Nada. I mean shit, my T levels were at 1500 for the first two months I came off. Got them down to 1000 and have been steady from March until now. I don’t know a ton but I know enough. I KNOW Tren is dangerous. I’m at the point where lack of libido is more dangerous to me. Finally happily married at my age, can’t lose the wife because I can’t wreck her like I’m supposed to. At this point, if I die at 65, but can die with a hard on, it’s almost worth it. I’ve tried all PDE5 inhibitors and none effect me. Took 200mgs of viagra and only got a stuffy nose. I’m an anomaly and not in a good way. If viagra worked, I’d never be posting here.

Liking for the cause of the high libido from Tren and way to replicate it without killing myself with a mass builder for livestock.
smfh.. okay man. good luck.. you dont know what you are doing nor talking about... you have ZERO understanding of what will come with this but you seem to think you know it all so i dont know man.. i wish you nothing but the best
This is the danger with using tren. Once you start down that path it can be hard to not use it again. I recommend just going back to proper TRT and letting things normalize for a while.
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